The only real merit this most recent season has is the return of Doug. He seems like he is returning to the funny/stoner/business man character of the early seasons rather than just a complete dumb ass. Hopefully they don't f his character again.

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Hands down the saddest movie I have ever seen.

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Definately another dope lupe track. His flow is so smooth on this one, can't wait for LASERS.

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Fifa 09 and 10 both are better than the latest pro evo's.

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Ummm.... Cool Spot (Genesis), Toe Jam & Earl (Genesis), any of the katamari games

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Danielewski - House of Leaves Bolano - The Savage Detectives Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby Wallace - The Girl With Curious Hair Orwell - 1984 Palahniuk - Rant Bukowski - Sifting Through The Madness To Find The Word, The Line, The Way

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Are they still doing new episodes of this show? I used to love it back in the day although it got kinda shitty near the end.

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I went but couldn't stay for the second half. Either way it was real cool. Toy Story is a classic. Might be Pixar's best.

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RZA Kanye West Dr. Dre Chuck Inglish Madlib

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Maybe not the sexiest but I've always had a thing for Zooey Deschanel [Image]

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Haven't seen the new one. Really enjoyed the original though. I feel like people who say the original was terrible lack the necessary appreciation for classic horror movies because the original is without a doubt a classic. The gore involved with the original was insane for a movie of that time. It wasn't meant to be a suspenseful terrifying movie but rather one that made you disgusted by how evil everyone was and the vengeance involved for the family. Probably should check out the new one even though I don't feel like this movie can really be remade well now, its a different era for horror films that doesn't really suit Last House On The Left. Either way, if your a fan of classic horror films and haven't seen the original version you should check it out.

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Yea I saw this in theaters and was really anxious for it to be released. Jason Segel is the man and Paul Rudd is really funny. Definitely a movie worth checking out.

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The beats are hot. Not too big on the rapping over it, glad they included just an instrumental version.

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[U]The Girl With Curious Hair[/U] by David Foster Wallace is a pretty good read. It consists of a series of short stories making it a pretty quick read and its definitely entertaining. I'd like to get around to reading Infinite Jest, his most notable work, but its rather lengthy and I've found myself with a number of books I plan on reading before that.

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[URL] Someone should start a HB clan.

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