Im tryin find a legit blog/website about urban art/spray paint.. let me know something worth bookmarking..?

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Yo HB, so this is my first time tryin to use the market place so cut me some slack i try to stick to craigs but it just wasnt workin for me For all shoe that dont have prices shoot me a offer PayPal +4% will ship using postal service, i guess, if you know a cheaper way let me know 1st shoe will be $15 second will be $5 to ship if im not doing this whole selling thing right just let me know haha. best way to contact me is [email][/email] i got legit feedback on ebay: blakeauckland check it out do not want to trade the shoes with a price one them! only want to sell them sorry for the shotty photos, can easily get better ones so here are my sneakers im tryin to sellblushing Nike Air Jordan 4 iv Retro Countdown Split (black / varsity red / grey) size: 9 condition: 10/10 $250 OBO!! will not find these cheaper anywhere [URL]

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looking for a pair of Jordan vi Carmine countdown size-9. (maybe 8.5) do not car if they are slightly worn. has to come with countdown box. i got cash money!! ebay: blakeauckland got legit feedback.

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i just saw this music vid on mtv jams where this guy is wearing some griffeys jammin out in some like shop with nothin in it and there are hard wood floors. i didnt see who it was by and its killing me not knowing who it was. let me know if you know who it is? it was a dope song also

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got to pick up phosho! you? [URL]

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does mita sneakers ship to the u.s.??

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Nike SB dunk Skate or Die 9-9.5 got to get them for my brother that works at the Berrics PM me if you got some

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i bought a bluetooth mighty mouse on craigslist the other day and i think i have to buy a bluetooth intena but im not sure... i have a G5 powermac anyone help?

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is the nikon or canon fisheye better??

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so at my local skatepark the hand shake is the high5 knucks. so when i want pick up some shoes down south on craigslist i went for the high5 kuncks and it was one awkward hand shake... how do you know what to do in this situation or is there a safe bet??

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i got a couple pairs WESC and Evisu want something new and fresh but NO nordstrom shit haha only for girls and homos any ideas?? under 2hundo

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