whats good *****

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most of his beats are kind of boring lol sitll dope though

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asked for a refund after purchasing my fitted boooo! haha jk everythign went smoothly we worked things out legit

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he sent me fake air maxs... different then the one listed

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[b][color="red"]you do not meet the requirements to be posting a for sale thread!!! Which is why it keeps getting deleted!!!! Please read the market place rules before posting another "For Sale" thread!!![/color][/b]

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[Quote] sounds real sketchy.

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^LMAO and nah man if its a good relationship your girl would just ignore it if she responds or some shit, and your always insecured thinking shes flirting with other guys just slap the bitch and walk away

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their worth more then 500 bro

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what about zero smh

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go skate not this bs

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i say you wear a tux respect the guy getting married! jkjk

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[Quote] hahahahahahaha

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^ well i appreciate that you appreciate that

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escort? and "craglist"? lololol

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camel crush is pretty good but then again i dont smoke that much at all

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