Hey, don`t complain about school. Wait until you go to work. I`ve just started my first job after studies – I work in the big good company: [URL] , but I barely have time to eat. Everybody tell me that this is the price of successful career. I`ve got enough already.

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[Quote] Agreed! XD haha.. That's actually kinda sad...

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I bet you wolud get a lot of money if you would figure out how google algorithm works tongueface. There is gonna be new update soon ("[URL]") so good luck haha tongueface

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You must see designer boutiques, perfumeries, Eiffel tower. When I was in Paris I bought a wonderful perfume - [URL]. You must drink coffee on the Seine.

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Really NEED? Approximately 3-4 pairs. But usually I have 5-6 – just for good looking. I love [URL] – so comfortable.

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