Peep their new mixtape: [URL] Guest appearances: 9th wonder (cat does about 1/3 of the beats) Jozeemo Carlita Durand Lord Fuego Phocuz and more...

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Its a two word logo design project on something that represents a generation or a subculture (ie, saggin pants, graffiti artist, spoiled brat) but my professor wants us to type a couple paragraphs defining our logo. I just wanted to post the paragraphs on "sneaker head" here so maybe I can get further incite. I just need help trying to simplify it to a man in his early 60's. here's what I got so far.... [B]Sneaker Head The term

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Id search myself but im about to go eat dinner at the cafe so....

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I dont know how many hypebeast readers do read or have been reading it, but the last few issues just havent really done it for me. Maybe its the new format I am not really sure, I seemed shorthanded on the fashion section more than usual.

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Samuel L. Jackson doing the voice acting and RZA doing the music. So yeah, check it out.

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like...their new shit?

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[URL] yeah I cant fuck with caliroots shipping

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Im gonna keep it short My new neighbors got some fast ass wireless internet, what do I need to put on my desktop so I can use there service? (I'll get there permission and all that legal BS)

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Or is it apart of there "skate line". Just a curious ***** lol.

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