I'm attending a wedding in LA in about 3 weeks and I need to get my hands on a suit but I can't be spending a shitload of money, so my question is, where can I get something nice for about 200 bucks? Slim fit preferably as I'm tall and skinny..

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I'm selling my samsung vibrant for t-mobile I recently upgraded to the t-mobile G2 so i don't need this phone anymore it comes with original box and accessories, usb cable and charger i put on a realook screen protector and will also will give you a red mesh case to protect it avatar is not on here $350 via paypal including shipping and fees [Image]

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i need to get some new sneakers for basketball nothin official just playground shit outdoor court what's good to get?

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get that shiiit [URL]

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i already own a ps3 and a beastly gaming computer should i round it off with a 360? need some convincing

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droid sold Super Flat tops Matte Black $90 Shipped Include 4% (comes out to $93.60) for paypal fee, or send as gift. [Image]

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UP FOR SALE 10.5 COOL GREY SPIZIKES (best colorway) $120 Paypal to verified addresses, concealed cash at your own risk NYC meetups my time my place need more pics? just ask! [Image]

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-Samurai S710XX19oz SOLD NEW LISTING - [COLOR="Red"] -NYC meetups preferred, will ship with USPS Priority mail(2-3 days with tracking), Paypal verified, concealed cash at your own risk -UNIQLO S-001 raw selvege slim fit denim -0 soak 0 wash -worn very lightly for maybe 2 weeks max -Best contact via PM I will provide more pics if asked. [Image] worn twice

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lookin to spend around 7000 max gotta be cheap on insurance since i'm 22 in nyc tongueface so far just been lookin at civics and corollas, any other suggestions?

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