New Mike Hoodies They don't fit like Crooks & Castles. They run one size large, so if you usually wear an XL, I'd suggest getting a sz L. This season the hoodies have a thermal lining, and the hoods are not as small as the spring pull overs were. Hope this helps.

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They're 120 on but i think im going to wait for the Crooks Version. blushing

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[Quote] I just copped 2 shirts and the shipping was only $8.

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[Quote] ...and?

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Rickey Kim usually has Fiberops products for sale at the EM Co Op. check him out here or go straight to the shop here [URL]

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1996.. bear or northface polo sport dkny new balance (999) nike (mostly am90's and 95's) pnb echo (before they changed the spelling.)

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I've always been partial to the jokerman font. Anyhow, if you want the "JUST DO IT" font...I think AntiqueOlive Bold Condensed is pretty close. blushing

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Check out House, creates some of the best decorative typefaces today. Some of their side projects include Zoltar, and House33. I'd also just check for some printed books on the subject...If you already have a good eye for design, then Im sure you can determine the wack from good.

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hellz bellz 5 & a Dime in San Diego carries HB.

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... IMO, leave the Seven Jeans to the females. I feel the same way about True Religion, and any other label mentioned in "My Humps." blushing

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line sheet my friends a buyer for a small boutique with a J-Money account. There were a few new all over prints, and some new graphics. And I think he said they are filling orders for the "dead rappers" and "rolex" tees.

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J Money I've seen the spring line sheets...Looks Decent IMO.

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name:michael age:26 occupation:i use the pen tools a lot. fav brands:stussy, crooks & castles, lvc, nike... hobbies:midcentury design/typography/collages'

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Honest opinion, I think the Cartel NYC shirt looks like a tee I could find @ any oceanfront tourist shop with a name like "Sunsation." I'd maybe pick it up if I found it in a thrift shop for $1.99. Otherwise I'd pass.

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