Just picked up a pair of 501 STFs from a vintage store, real nice... From the 1980s, the dye was discontinued I think because it was outlawed in some places, idk why specifically. It's nice and slubby, I'll post some pre/post wash pics and measurements when I get around to doing it. Might just go with the holistic approach though, haha let Seattle's rain do its work. The fit as of now isn't too bad itself.

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[Quote] not really. it depends whether you're talking about the color or light spectrum. color spectrum (visual) = black is all colors, white is lack of color light spectrum = white is all different lights, black is lack of light

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For really any fit, especially 005s and 008s, would it be okay to size up 1-2 on the waist? My true waist size is small as fuck (27) but I'm really looking into a pair of PBJs.

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what school in seattle do you go to that has school this week?

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i think it's grey, actually. i'm searching for it..

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i hate hanes, shrink a ton and don't suit my body type. stafford is legit, but i heard the quality went down... never tried AAA or kirkland, wanna see how they are, though. how is fruit of the loom? saw them in target the other day, passed but might pick them up.

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- when you wake up (not too important if you plan your breakfast correctly) - 30-40 minutes prior to workout (helps with endurance) - directly after workout (most important for gains)

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[Quote] turn them inside out. hotter water = more shrinkage and vice versa, so... use your own discretion. i'd try cool water first and see where that gets you.

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they have some decent varsities for good prices. not a fan much of their other stuff.

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am i distressing you? all i'm saying is a $60 pair of shorts that no one will ever see isn't a wise investment... in my opinion. that's giving you the benefit of the doubt that you won't wear those out in general public. if you want beach poon spend your money on roofies, not shorts. anyways, since they're a s/s release you probably won't find them anywhere. better off just going to any site you like and going to the swimwear/boardshorts section. alternatively, your closet. "calm the fuck down and suck my dick"... come on, man.

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Staple Penfield Supreme Stafford Vans KAVU Red Wing BDG and some unbranded/target shit

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Tamrac is a very reliable brand, i use an adventure series and it has held up very well in the rain of Seattle.

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why the fuck would you buy stussy swim trunks? smh, like wearing a pair of your old shorts in the water is any different.

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@chemist you could shower soak or take a swim in them... give them an ocean wash if you live near a beach. i wouldn't soak them for >10-15 minutes though if you're just concerned about smell. plenty of indigo will leak in 10 min, as well.

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nookas are going for like $60 on giltman right now..

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