[Quote] Good stuff! Played at fraserview golf club todaay. scenery is fucckin dope here!! Girls are aight too. Trying to find a place to eat. Any spots that are a MUST hit to eat?

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Well I landed lastnite at 11. Went to edge water and won a satelitte seaast to a 500 buy in tourney. Came 13th outta 88. smh first was 17k so that was a waste of 7 hours lol. Now what to do tonight ? Any suggestions from the locals? Mint gossip looked whack as hell lol

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Cboom thanks bro. ya we are most likely gonna rent a car and drive to the outskirts to golf. and ill def check out some local spots. and if any1 from bc wants to link up and hook up a fellow HBer out with some kush. be greatly appreciated

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ok our hotel is booked. we are staying at La Grande Residence at The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. ?s this a good location for tourist stuff and close to some hot stores? also is it close to a casino and/or golf courses?

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ya as stated im more going for the golf and touring the city, not so much partying as i have a girl and what not. would like to get some shopping done but i dont know what ill find there that i cant find in toronto.

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[Quote] cool thanks for the info fam. flight is booked for june 19th til the 23rd ! hope vancity doesnt let me down.

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[Quote] ya ima be heading down there june 21st. but im mainly comin down to golf and check out the poker scene. is there lots of golf and a casino in vancity.

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whats up HB, well me and my boy are planning a trip out to BC. don't really know anything about the west coast geographically so bare with me. we are planning to golf and play poker but would also like to hit up a couple of clubs and what not. any city u guys recommend? like should i go to Vancouver, Victoria or somewhere else.

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new crooks shipment in yet?

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went by the store on saturday copped some crooks tees. good service as always. copped a we run to tee also and the quality is top notch. let me get a PM when the new crooks shipment reaches thanks.

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mtl is off the hook. im from toronto and give mtl some props. i go every year for my bday , been started this tradition for 4 years now. girls are extra nice and not stuck up like down here. first year went to jet night club . was aight but i think they shut down now. 2nd year went to orchid was a good hip hop spot nice bitches there. then last year went to opera(sp?) and damn that club was HUGE shit was packed with fine ass bitches everywehre but alot of ginos lol and bottles aint that expensive .

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anyone know where i can cop this in black or red? [Image]

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let me get the hoody fam pm me

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you got mail

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