Ok I got these at ALIFE in the summer of 2006 and they were always a little loud for me so i pulled them out only on a few very rare occassions. I always store my shoes with the laces out so i can send pics with the laces in. they are just brand new white laces, the same kind they came with, I do not have the orig. box but will send with a replacement Nike box. Make an offer if interested  I would trade for a pair of Air Force 1 Mid Wheat size 10 DS. any other trade offers please send billballard@gmail.com Local meet up in Detroit would be amazing but we can use paypal, ceterfied mail or COD. v[Image]

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does anyone care about this brand i dont know a ton about 'streetwear' i actually think its pretty corny but i saw a huge rack of this stuff at burlington coat factory over the weekend. thought it was super weird to see a brand ive only heard of on hypbeast in a store like this, short of maybe freshjive. has anyone else seen this?/is this abnormal for this brand or are they that big/mainstream?

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myspace.com/deepxsleep a block north of wthn at 54 n. 3rd st. mhi, fucking awesome, wesc, evisu, name ribbon, call of the wild, alex and chloe in stock now. alot more coming soon check it out

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considering the fact that tons of people paid 140 for the HOA version of these, i dont see how i got these for less than that(a pair went for 80 something last week too) these are so far beyond the HOA ones, its basically like having an OG pair when the last retros came out. im so stoked on these,i figure with these my HOA's will turn into beaters like my 03s look now. [URL]

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ill start [Image]

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i was sick of digging through the boxes of the 15 or so shoes that i wear on a regular basis. i found these shelves at meijer and they worked out really well. [Image]

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