1301 Seems like the standard but 1701 looks nice. \\Anyone know the difference?

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Where can I find more info and measurements? thanks. [Image]

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I wanted to foward it to my lil sis.

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raw or washed. from 50-200 any suggestions?

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I got myself a few pair of Raw Denim. Now I find it hard as hell to wear regular wash or soft denim. I want every pair to be raw!!!

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When you take your denim to the dry cleaners what are the after effects? Do they shrink? Do they lose color or shine? Do they become soft or harder? Do they lose all preset honeycombs and creases?

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Removing some of the tongue padding: Is it possible to remove some of the padding in the SB's tongue? I have a pair that fits really snug and could use the room to breathe. What would be the easiest way! |0

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Hey im looking for a shirt that has a skull and two revolvers crossing eachother in the front. I think it is a Hundreds shirt. My cousin told me he wanted to get a tattoo or something similar and he can use it for inspiration. thx

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Lets keep our gap discussions in here instead of taking over other threads. I just soaked my Gough jeans for a minute and no indigo bled into the water. The water lookde brown/yellow after the soak. Ill see if it shrinks then. I thought that was odd considering soaking my nudies for a few seconds turned the water blue.

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Im not familiar with online stores much and would like to know wheres a few good spots to buy AM 90s. thanks

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hoody w/ brass knuckles and skulls.. i just chuckled to my self. Gunit;s coming up

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I saw a decent DGshoes coat online called the bayonett 2. Its less than 100. Any idea how warm or comfortable it is?

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Did a cold water wash and hang dry. Black was washed, white wasnt Yes they did shrink.about 1 size down. [Image]

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any idea where to cop it or something similar? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMhRtxjFY0k

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holy shit..its gonna get worse people. Scammers on the prowl " WE HAVE THE 10 DEEP CHAIN GANG HOODY AVALIABLE FOR WHOLESALE AND THEY ARE DIRECTLY FROM THE ORIGINAL FACTORIES, AND ALSO LEMAR DUALEY, BAPE, AND PAISLEY...ETC. We are the powerful wholesale dealer in Hong Kong run by a professional teamwork, We provide you the newest, the most popular items for you. Constructing strong cooperating relationship with customers to make huge profits together. We have over 1000 co-operative partners from all around the world. We already do business in this field for a long time ,and we are the honest business people. We understand that there are so many bad peoples in this business and received money but never send the items. In this matter of fact, we do accept paypal, hope all the customers will comfortable with that, and the most suprising thing is we found the factory of the 10 Deep, that u can't find it anywhere else. If u have any interest please feel free to contact me Be the pioneer to sell the 10deep, Bape, and Paisley at Ebay."

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