smhthere fucking nasty... what fruit actually wears these?! there hideous and the colours like wtf.. like whats souljaboy doing with his life? somebody needs to ask him .. really

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black zapatos del barcosblushing

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little nemo [URL]

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black halfcabs maybe or black chucks Dunk CL in black or grey or something pretty neutral

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release this year? and as always blizzard always releases dope.. when was the last time SC1 was released like 10 years ago or something... 1 blizz game can last 10 yearsblinkyeyes

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yup man i feel ya. im fully filipino and to all those pinoys, kare kare and lechon is fatty as ass just dont eat it , find a healthier alternative, cut the rice out. Excercise 2/3 times a day and its all good

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hey i did s shit load of exercise on this i just cant see myself doing that balanced diet thing

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ya i was really fat like 1 year ago until i came to self realization and was tired of being a fatazz i was like 275 lbs now im 230 which is good, cuz i look wayy better than before. i just ate oatmeal for BF,L,D, water, apples, and pretzels and stuff like thatblushingblushing and i told u i ripped off 45 pounds, trust me youll feel good but yeah now whenver i see a mad fat guy i just think to myself, damn i was like him b4 which sucks ass ?)

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Crazy album u guys should check it out its remixed by hiphop pruducer such as pharrell, and just blaze , the OG maroon 5 songs! Cool kids is also featured in one of the tracks!

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green stuff ? like shrek and blubber

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is there a place in Shoemart which is any good?

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kung pow enter the fist [URL] blinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes stupidest movie everblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes

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i think u should go for white, looks better BTW i dunno if u knew this but jcpenny sells the white g shock link: [URL] good price too

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guys ever heard about shaghai, pretty sure they charge 20 bucks for a cut but they use single blades to get the perfect line up--- somewhere in kennedy, near pmallish i also heard about nappy cuts, not sure of location tho

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