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if u want to travel by bus. just hit up pacific mall or first markham place and join one of those chinese NYC shopping tour. its cheap and u can pick where u wanna go. well basically u can ask for that 3 day shopping NYC tour. u'll have all the time u need. once u get to NYC. the first day they will drop ppl off at a street near rockfella center. from there u can just tell the tour guide u r not goin to stay with them for the whole day. then u can walk around on ur own. take the subway or taxi to SOHO and do mad shopping there. just ask the tour guide wut time to meet up for the ride back to the hotel at nite. its as easy as that.

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^ they are close on monday n tuesday same as si vous play steeles

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^ never been to that shop. is there any good SB there?

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def. check out JUICE. thats the store that EDC aka Edison Chen owns.

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best place for fitteds are def. Si Vous play. they have fitteds as cheap as $9.99. can't beat that. they are not bad at all.

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^^ who's talkin shit about ppl ? i don't see anything wrong with wut he wrote. he didn't say anything bad of anyone there.

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they are not $150 just checked , they are $175

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their nike stuff is legit. they have an urban account. i thinks thats wut its called. how much are they charging them AM1s?

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^ not too sure how much. but both Livestock n Goodfoot will be gettin them

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they fit true to size for me

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i was there during christmas. its very hard to come by large sizes. usually resellers buys them out coz they are rare and hard to find in most HK shops. sneaker street's shops are cool, if u r buyin multiple pairs u can ask them for a discount on top of wut u r payin.

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[Quote] yea. ever since that doe ma left. its been pretty much si vous play stuff but they got some nice prices. its just another si vous play.

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too much trash talkin here. we should just let it be. no matter if who's got more $, the matter here is to just bring sneakers to the ppl here in T.O and get more variety to choose from i mean store wise. ppl just need to move on and let others do their own business.

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the Bobbito AF1s were at Goodfoot/1Door Tdot for about 2 weeks now

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