can anyone reccomend a good classical fiting raw straight leg jean? Thanks

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I have a pair of raw denim jeans that i've worn for a long time and they have lost their cardboard rugged feel, is there anything i can do to get them back to being raw and stiff again?

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[URL] Im not convinced

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Anyone know where to cop these? Ive tried Nomad and Holt Renfrew but both only had the New Standards. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hey Wondering if any of you guys have been over to the outlet mall over in niagra falls in NY, Theirs alot of promsing stores burberry, coach and saks fifth ave im wondering how the pricing, selection and sizing is. Aswell as any additional info that would help or experiences in general. Thanks

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Im looking to purchase a pair of Dior jeans but dont know weather to go with the 19cm or 21cm model. Before i make my purhase I have a few questions. My first question is are they both tapered? Because i heard the 19 is but the 21 is not just want to make sure. I also like a fit similar to the Thin Finn by Nudie Jeans woul the 19cm or 21 cm suit me better? Also what is the main differene in cut between the 19cm and 21cm? Is the difference in cut big beause in reality 2cm doesnt seem like much? Any help would be much apprechiated.

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Anyone know what the sizing/fit is on supreme t shirts ex. sizing true to size/ runs big/runs small and whether the fit is slim/regular or generous/baggy cut? Also know this is a long shot by anyone know if there a big difference in a L or XL in supreme t shirts. Thanks for the hlep in advance

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Hey I got a pair of Gap Morrisons worn havily for 5 months with some good fadin goin on but im wondering how do i go about washing them so it can yield a good fade some said machine wash others cold soak im not sure. I know there are some denim experts out there so if someone can explain the process it would be much apprechaited.

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Anyone know wherei can purchse some online or call in and purcahse some. Preferably in black, grey and tiffany aqua and maybe red too. Thanks for the help

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Hey Ive been lookin for a pair of jeans but cant find the partiuclar cut im looking for. It is exactly like the one pictured below but so far i only find wesc jeans doing this type of cut. Im not much of a denim expert myself so maybe you guys can help me out by pointing me to some other brands that have a cut similar or exactly to the one below. Thanks for the help [Image]

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Anyone got any info on whether there droppin in Canada or not and any tentative release info? Thanks

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What up fellow hypebeasters, Im originally from Toronto but currently in Vancouver vacationing and im lookin to get a pair of tiffs in size 9/9.5 ds or vnds. If anyone has ap air for sale either i nToronto or Vancouver let me know. I

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