All items are brand new. Meet ups in Burnaby, Vancouver or Richmond.  PM me for more info, thanks. Supra - Skytop, size 8: $100 (retails at $150 + tax)  - charcoal w/ purple accents  - neoprene upper heel; high memory polyurethane insole; SUPRAFOAM mid-sole; padded collar and tongue  [Image]

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Clearing out my closet, letting these go because they no longer fit me. Everything is brand new with tags still attached, unless specified! [b]FingerCroxx purple trucker hat: $35[/b] - snap-back, free size, new with tags [Image] Send me a PM and I will reply asap, thanks.

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I've been looking for a decent pea coat around $200 for a while now but I haven't been able to find one that fits me proper. I've picked up this one recently but I find it to fit just a bit big. I'm now interested in getting one from Sterlingwear since they offer smaller sizes. [Quote] I'm 5'7" @ 130lbs, fit 36R for H&M jackets - can't decide whether to go with the Authentic 34S or 36S. Can you guys post fit pictures and how much you guys weight?

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Hey does anyone know where I can buy some decent looking trucker hats? I recall the IZZUE store in Sha Tin had some, but nothing good recently. I've seen some Subcrew hats and they look pretty nice, but I'm looking to buy smthin within $30-40CAD.

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Oh man that a brutal landing... It doesn't seem like Stoudemire pushed him either, it seems like he just lost balance trying to finish a big dunk on a fast break.

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Just something to consider, the new white macbooks are prone to scratches VERY easily. Other than that, its been a great machine so far.

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Anyone know if theres going to be some new DL content for current SF4? Kinda sucks since I bought it at full price and now the new one has so much more content for a much lower price.

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Jailbreak for sure, you get access to so many more apps and features that are limited by the current iphone firmware. If you are worried about the reliability of your iphone, just use it for a month, and if nothing problematic happens, you should be good to go, since I doubt that there would be any functional problems later on that would require you to use your one year apple warranty.

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Has it been confirmed for sure that its going to make its NA release in fall? Ive been waiting for this game for so long its ridiculous, the wheel I bought last year has been sitting in my room gathering dust...

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[Quote] haha i wouldnt either, i give props to their 'forever young' mentality though

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You know its gonna sell like hotcakes just b/c its got the apple logo slapped on it. Its something you don't even need but seeing as how we've become such a consumeristic society this thing is probably going to end up in your hands in guilt, wishing you hadn't just blown $500 on a steroid injected iTouch.

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shit man kobe got denied hard.

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Wow she looks really old in that photo...but she's around 50 now rite?

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Is that a toy key, or did you actually go and buy a spare just for this fake

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I've seen the stussy hoodies there, they suck. They were plain colored ones which were also super baggy =(. Also anyone in BC near metrotown want to buy a WINNERS gift card off me? Its got $57 left, so I want to sell it for 55~ Thz

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