[Image] My first streetwear piece was a Triumvir broken halo tee. I loved that shirt and I really wish I had bought more stuff from these guys. Definitely still want that Warrior Division hoody too haha

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Definitely check out Gastown for shops like HAVEN, Livestock, Roden Gray, Neighbour, and Stussy. Really good food there too. Other areas worth checking out are Main St., Commercial and Kitsilano/W 4th. Yaletown is pretty nice but kinda yuppie. Both Robson and Granville are good for mall type stuff and some luxury brands. Walking/biking around the Stanley Park sea wall is a must though it can be very busy. One of the best views of Vancouver on a clear day is from Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver which is about a 20 minute drive from downtown. If you're into outdoorsy things, there is a much bigger list of things to do/places to see.

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SELLING: Air Jordan 5 Grape White 2013 Size 8.5 Condition 10/10 Never worn, only tried on. Still in original box. $250 OBO, open to offers. [Image]

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Beauty of a day in Vancouver. smokeyface Happy Canada Day! [Image]

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^ Cool man, thanks for the info.

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Anyone know how much the Weird Guy chinos stretch? Wondering if I should size any differently compared to my Deep Indigos.

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Submitted and waiting for approval from BYVM. smokeyface [Image]

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I feel you bruh. It's funny seeing different reactions from people though, like one day you wear a t-shirt and some jeans and people walking by will smile and say hi but then once you throw on a snapback with that same fit, people won't even make eye contact with you. But then again I live in a white ass neighbourhood so they're pretty much scared of everything.

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Made some letters for fun. [Image]

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^ Well maybe slaving was too strong of a word. When you look at China and India who have next to no labour laws or regulations, buying more goods manufactured there isn't going to make much of a difference or else it would have already. If I buy more items from second or third world countries, that isn't going to improve anyone's lives aside from the higher ups in the manufacturing company and the retailer. If I were to help improve the lives of factory workers, it wouldn't be through buying the goods that they made through the company they work for because no matter how much I buy they're still working for that low fixed rate. The major difference between buying Made in China and Made in USA/Canada/Japan/etc. is how the profits are split. Since we are privileged enough to have decent work regulations, our factory workers will actually get to see some of that cash flow and that will make more of an impact than giving Chinese manufacturers more money to hire more low pay employees.

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Manufacturing in China/India can be really good depending on what brand you're buying from so quality isn't as much of an issue any more. Even then I still try to buy more and more items that are made in Canada/USA/Japan/etc. not necessarily for quality but just to know my money is going back into a decent community. Like sure you pay typically more than twice for something made in North America but you're helping support everyone that's part of the chain from the person that's sourcing the fabric to the person ringing your purchase up. And a lot of these people are citizens that actually like their jobs and get paid decent instead of slaving away in a shitty warehouse. That's just me though.

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Every year should be the best year of your life. If you're not always improving, you're doing it wrong. Except for being really old tbh, like 65+ when you can't do anything anymore.

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Work, camping in 2 weeks, LA trip in July. De La Soul concert when I get back and Jurassic 5 and Childish Gambino at a local festival in August. Summer 2013 is looking good. smokeyface

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