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Sooo... I'm browsing YouTube, bored. I re-realized that I can find a video or song for almost every moment/emotion in my life. What about you? [URL]

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I haven't been on here in ages... so I forgot that I have to open threads with caution around coworkers... 0_o that is all.

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I've been thinking about getting one.. I'm not sure how good mitsubishi's are...sooo... comments would be nice.

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sto0pid tropical storm. tongueface how's everyone doing tonight?

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at this office...since 9am... i should've left at 5pm?!?! i'm fidgity from energy pills and hypebeast is thee only site that isn't effin blocked. ?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)

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in the world outside of the internet, i see people hopping from hollister to skateboards and skulls to bright colors to sb's to big ass fake chains trying to do the whole 90's thing or starting up a lame ass gogo band because they think they can sing or play the drums to etc and so forth...... and i just get sick and tired of seeing people trend hopping trying to pull off the "in look" or something that simply isn't them. it's interesting to ponder about what [B] exactly [/B] makes individuals, well- individuals... what makes people think the way they do..what makes them listen to whatever they listen to..live how they live..wear what they wear. ...what seperates them from the masses. just a thought, blushing

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offer many promising movies....I hope that changes=/

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something lovely, imo

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