can someone (DUM) lol tell me which nike's gogo yubari wears in kill bill...thank u =P

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been workin on some portraits so i guess ill just post it here...this one is of my godfather ---- [Image] done w/ sharpie

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i did using pen and colored digitally [Image]

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but to what lengths will you go...i saw a kid rocking this kinda hat today like he was the illest... [Image]

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anyone a fan?

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saw these on high snobiety & i likes ;P [Image]

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what shops should i stop by??? i'll also be stopping near other places near the main italian cities i mentioned. and if you know the places can you post the addy as well ;P and also how lenient or strict are the laws against vandalism in these places???

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saw this on josh spear's this guy sells hand picked pieces of garbage for 50 bucks..that's crazy lol [Image]

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i should be going to italy later this summer, anybody recommend a certain area to visit first, i know i'm going to be going back a few more times. which place will leave the best memory for my first time going there ?

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