Let this film sit for too long in bad conditions before developing [URL]

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Some newer stuffs on some expired portra [URL], on Flickr[/img]

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I'm taking your use of the word "fashion" as the arts and the creative process. The arts have always been here and depression has always been here. Depression has many forms just like the arts have many forms. Some forms of depression leave people feeling alone and isolated to varying degrees. Pair that up with an artistic inclination and you have the ingredients to create things that are real to you. Feeling isolated/alone people tend to stop caring about the outside world and in comes the originality aspect. You are left alone to your own ideas and you are able to hone your craft without any outside interference because you aren't necessarly thinking as part of the society. I feel like this is the part where the line is very thin between people thinking your ideas are just so left field they can't connect to them or the opposite and they feel your ideas are genuine and they accept them. I feel like people can tell when someone is genuine and their ideas come from a real place as opposed to someone doing left-field things to just be perceived as different.  But like Bishop said you can't fit this stuff into a box. Great creative things also happen when people come together with their ideas when those things would be impossible to achieve alone.  I think the creative process just boils down to human emotion and harnessing it. Depression is the one of the most intense emotions anyone can feel. It's so strong it can even have you stop feeling (if that makes sense). (kinda ranted but this topic really sparked my interest)

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Yo, I'm looking to sell some of my film cameras/gear. I'm not asking for any specific prices on anything, more just seeing if people are interested. Everything works perfectly, but some of the pieces aren't comsetically perfect.  I have: yashica t4 super D nikon l35af olympus xa2 w/ a16 flash canon wp-1 (underwater 35mm cam, seals are tested and no leaks) yashica electro gt w/ flash  (have battery adapter for newer non-mercury batteries) bronica sqa w/ wait level finder, 80mm ps lens, pistol grip, 120 back, polaroid back sekonic l-358 light meter

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You make the instrumental? Shits smokeyface

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barrel distortion kills it for me.

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[Quote]word, I have a bronica and I only use the 80mm. Would love to pick up a 40mm though. 80mm for street might be a bit challenging but still definitely do able.

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[Quote]This is a good question. In theory scanning prints would be the wrong thing to do since it's considered "2nd generation". Meaning the negatives were first then the prints. So most heads would say scanning the negatives would yield better results. But I've seen very good scans of prints, and if you're just uploading them to the interwebs the difference will be unrecognizable. Also getting good scans of negatives can be quite challenging on your own.

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^^^ dude stylus epics are great...

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One of my favs [Embed content]

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^^^^^^ Your set up is pretty damn good and should be delivering proper results.  List of things to try: 1. Check your session parameters. (48khz is fine, you DON"T have to go up to 96khz, and 24 bit is always good) 2. Experiment with equipment. If I'm not mistaken your Spark has a button that says 'focus' on it? Record the same song at the same levels and compare the two, same with any features on your pre amp. (input vs output gain) there is normally a sweet spot or "Unity Gain". This is called gain staging and it greatly affects the signal to noise ratio. Which will ultimately affect the fidelity of the recordings. I would recommend researching what unity gain is for your Scarlett. 3. Practice good mixing technique. (Filter out the low end, use subtractive EQ, mild compression (2-8 db of gain reduction). The numbers may not be exact for every song but use them as a starting point. And I am saying these tips are referring to VOCALS. 4. Assess the room you are tracking in. The room has so much to do with the recording. Walk around the room and sing/rap until you find a spot that sounds better. Thats where you should record. Trust your ears. Maybe even buy a 'splash guard". Even though your Spark is a cardioid mic it should still help out.  Good Luck

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I literally had 3 classes a semester my senior year. I played football throughout high school, partied often and I had been dating the same girl all throughout high school. You kids just need to do you. People telling you to not get in a serious relationship and shit, don't listen to them.  High school was somewhat of breeze, I worked my ass off early on so my senior year would be my time to have fun. I graduated HS and got accepted into a 4 year Uni for a BSB. I left after my freshman year cause I didn't like where I saw myself going. Enrolled in a 10 month tech school in a field I've been interested in years, moved to LA for an internship, that internship eventually led to employment and now I'm living out here. I lol when I think about being a sophomore in college compared to where I am now.  Moral of the story: Have fun in high school (play sports and join clubs) go to parties (when you can) do you're work and pay attention the best you can. Don't be an idiot and come to class stoned out of your mind, how do expect to retain any of the shit you're supposed to be learning? And when people start telling you that you need to think about your future and start applying to colleges take it with a grain of salt. You DO have time and you DO have options. Don't get rushed into some shit you don't wanna do because some old people think they know what's best for you.

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[Quote]I passed on upgrading to Logic X for two reasons. The user interface looks disgusting and it's a 64-bit-only application. This means you're going to have to go through some trouble to run 32-bit plug-ins on this app, and to me it wasn't worth it.

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Word. The beat cyphers used to be sick. And honestly man I think it's just over-saturation, and it's not just happening on hypebeast, it's happening everywhere.

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