Among the fuel efficient gas sippers only two names are coming to my mind. Honda and Toyota. A Fit or a Yaris could be an ideal second vehicle and both are small city cars. They are great on saving gas; the spares and maintenance are quite low and are very easy to park, given their diminutive size. A more frugal option could be the hybrids. Choose from a reliable Civic, Accord or even the Prius which has good space and is better equipped than the small cars. For reference on prices and features, you may look up [URL]. It is also a good platform to source a used vehicle from different used car dealers.

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If you love driving and prefer being in the driver's seat, rather getting driven around, simply vouch for the BMW. It is an awesome driver's car and will give you driving pleasure way better that the TC. However, the Scion emphasizes on a more youthful appeal and will be easier to service and maintain than the Bimmer. Car comparisons - [URL]

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I agree that the Skyline is a great car and also serves your purpose being an AWB, but then the Subaru is no less either, I’d prefer that for its rally bred pedigree and ease of availability of parts (not to mention affordable service). Do reconsider and choose wisely. You could also compare various AWD cars from [URL] which could aid you in deciding.

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Getting your car keyed can be one of the worst possible disasters for the car. Some people do it out of jealousy, some do it for fun. The video provides good information on cleaning the mess up (although with a heavy heart). I have removed (almost) quite a handful of scratches, including some keyed ones by myself on weekends. Some good quality rubbing compound, polish and wax are efficient tools to get minor scratches done. [URL]

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Yes, I too agree with Frozzy, an Impreza will do wonders as per your requirement and is a great AWD car with good handling. Also the handling will be better than most AWD sedans and should do quite well over the years if kept properly. Take references from different dealers and sites like Cox auto parts, [URL], worldcarparts, and cars trovit for pricing and comparisons.

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There are three cars coming to my mind, the Mustang, Camaro and a Mercedes. Since I prefer a muscle car any day, I would look around many dealers and their sites for a nice bargain. Portals like cars torvit autocatch and [URL] have good examples and you could use them as a reference to make your decision. The Merc, I believe, has good snob value.

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I have been driving a silver metallic VW Jetta which I had got pre owned. After putting in around 180k miles, it’s kind of getting long in the tooth now.  I was looking around many [URL] and dealers’ stores and sites for a nice MX5, and hopefully I will get one by the end of this month.

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With your price bracket, you can have a variety of cars to choose from. While Honda, Mazda, Toyota and similar Japanese cars are the most reliable ones you can have, you may try a BMW like my cousin had got in March for 7 grand. A stately M3 would do just fine and well within your budget. Check up online portals for good bargains like cars trovit, autocatch and also [URL] dealers.

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The learning car that you are looking for need not be an attractive one, but must serve its purpose. Depending on your location, you might want to try out local used car dealers and their car availability. Choose any brand from the Japanese or German or even American brands, just make sure about the car’s functionality and reliability. [URL]

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That is indeed a Landie Defender which is quite a capable off roading machine. This along with the Mercedes G wagen is among my favorite four wheel drive cars of all time. You could pick up one of these from any car or even [URL] dealer, and would be a great bargain if you get a used one. I'd suggest you look around for the limited edition Tomb Raider version which comes packed with adventurous gear!

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did you find what you are looking for?

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