I thought the movie was entertaining. The finger scene was jokes.

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Cop says they pulled a gun on him. Article also says there's security camera. Hopefully people wait for more information before twisting stuff around. Al Sharpton is definitely going to have a field day with this. I guess every article involving a killing/accident/assault is gonna have that race tag to it.

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^ It all depends on what you wear. Go for the dry fitted stuff. Cotton shirts will rub and cause chafing. There are chafing sticks (like deodorant) where you can apply between your thighs. This can be prevented too if you get compression shorts. You also might want to get a good pair of running socks which reduces blisters, sweat, etc. like Balega. And as someone has mentioned, go to a running store. They will find you a pair based on your walk, stance, arch, etc.  Don't worry about the design as it's ultimately about comfort (long distance). The good ole saying is.. you know you got a legit pair of running shoes when you know it's butt ugly. (Asics, Brooks, Mizuno). You might also want to carry some Gu or shot bloks during your run.

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[Quote]Aint nothing new. He torture racking and body slamming folks. He gotta be careful w/ them lawsuits tho.. [Embed content]

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The fight was pretty entertaining the first few rounds mainly because Maidana is a brawler and kept pushing it. I wouldn't care for a rematch as its going to produce the same results (Maidana pushes the fight, gases in mid rounds and Floyd picking him apart). I don't know what's next for Floyd afterward? Amir Khan? Even with that, Khan couldn't even finish Collazo who had his hands down throughout the fight. I'd like to see Floyd/Pacman but Floyd is gonna hang em up before that ever happens.

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[Embed content]

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Pic/Video/Gif - Even though it's been slippin lately Can I draw you something? facebook thirst and whitekights

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^lol white boy hitting that nae nae

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^picked it up. Def a homage to mice and men. Plus look at their names.. Lennie vs Lizzie.

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God damn.. Aria got fat. bitch use to be my favorite natural titty girl. Even though she never did straight porn.. one of the thickest white girl back in the day.

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[Quote]Info on scene pls

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Drake is the type of nigga to dance with a girl at the club & then text her "Are we official!?" afterwards Drake the type of Nigga that would walk in on his Girl cheating on him and then says " Sorry I came at the wrong Time." Drake the type of nigga that would give a stripper a folded $20 bill with a note inside that says "you dont have to do this". Drake the type of nigga to lift his right leg up when he hug someone. Drake the type of nigga to watch his girl's purse while she dance with another nigga Drake the type of nigga to click "Exit" because he wasn't 18 yet

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[Image] Rust Cohle is dat nigga tho.. Matthew McConaughey looking to have another great year.

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I don't know about yall, but the stuff on there is hilarious. Some of stuff they say are straight ether.. that ether, that shit that make your soul burn slow shit. Can yall imagine all the lil niggas, especially them young insecure hs niggas getting worked up over shit like that.. Niggas gonna be sporting them Tims just to get an extra inch or two.

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[Quote]^ I feel you on that. Like I stated, Trap head producers jumped on the EDM crowd but threw in the bass, drum and snares into their set or remixed an EDM song w/ trap influence. The kids picked it up and called it Trap (EDM) of course. To get an idea, watch this documentary where Trap producers are jumping on the scene. [Embed content]

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