super legit seller. package came quick. thanksssss. +++++

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dude's super legit! one of the smoothest & fastest transactions i've done. would DEFINITELY do business with him again. thanks!!

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thats the triumvir lookbook if im not mistaken. not the franco shade. blushing

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i would appreciate an invite also. blushing

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call around and ask a local seamstress.

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its not exactly a coupon and its not for clothes/shoes, but for those that dont know, theres the sprint sero plan. basically, its a heavily discounted phone plan for sprint for friends/family of employees. i have it personally and although it took me a while to get the correct phone, (they sent me 2 wrong phones) its great. i have a treo 700p and pay like 40 bucks a month for these features: * Unlimited Sprint Vision or Power Vision (Vision for Vision phones, Power Vision for Power Vision phones) <- basically unlimited internet * Unlimited Mobile to Mobile * Unlimited Sprint Picture Mail * Unlimited Roaming * Unlimited Nights & Weekends (either 6 or 7 PM, depending on when you started contract) * Nationwide Long Distance * Crystal Clear Calls * Voice Mail * Caller ID * Call Waiting * Numeric Paging * Three-Way Calling * Ready Link plus you can add unlimited text messages for free if you use a code. the number of minutes depends on which plan you would like. i only have 500 but its enough for me. for people interested, you can find out how to sign up for sero on slickdeals. they have codes and coupons for perks and whatever. heres the link: just thought i would share this and save some money for you guys with the expensive ass plans. the unlimited internet thing alone costs i think like 20 or 30 bucks alone to add to a regular plan, so with that included, makes it worth it for me.

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nice blog & great pictures! what camera and lens are you using?

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id also like to see a picture of them being worn. im interested in the fit of the slim kims but the picture on the nudie website doesnt look too flattering..

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casshern & azumi &)

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[Quote] definitely buckethead.

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just sent one in.. blushing

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id rock those furry ones. theyre hard.

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