anyone know of a place in Los Angeles that can repair a crotch tear and hem some nudie slim jims?

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I have 2 pairs of simpsons vans. I want 250$ firm + shipping for both pairs. Fisrt is the Futura 2000 Apu Sk8 mids [Image] both pairs are deadstock and have been sitting in my closet since the release of the simpsons movie. Meetups are ok PM me or email me at [email][/email]

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anyone here go to the rogue status cr8 show in venice?

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Need to get rid of some stuf from my closet! DS Subware/Recon New Era "Stash Stencil Print" sz 7 1/2 [Image] 550$ shipped OBO

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owensA: there arent many hills steep hills where I live in LA but there are the occasional massively steep hills I'm Broke: Is that nike on The day I got my bike I looked on flickr to see if anyone converted their raleigh, and i saved that pic on my computer cause i looked like what I want my raleigh to be like. How is your frame so pristine?

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Im so happy just got a vintage 1976 raleigh grand prix and i cant wait to convert it to fixed gear. Ive ridden BMX and mountain bikes for the past decade rigorously, but ever since i rode my friends fixed gear bianchi pista, I fell in love with the one gear ratio and skid stops. Just wondering, what gear ratio/ sprocket do you think would be high enough to get some moderate speed while still being able to climb massive hills.

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[Quote] Supreme LA campout for Simpsons Vans: some asian fatass shows up at 7 in the morning for a release that is at 11 in the morning the next day, his mom is 11th in line and he is first in line, i am 20th. Most of the campers are mexican/black. Anyways during about 4 am, this fat asian guy starts to proposition some of the people in the back of the line to buy a spot next to him in line. I guess he was making alot of money and he sold quite a few spots. I get pissed as hell and so do many of the other campers. Long story short, fatty gets rushed by the mexicans and blacks, his mom gets trampled and loses her spot in line, and he gets moved in the line.

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i was on thebus going down Venice and I always hate when he driver stopped at this particular stop because Venice is know for having the nastiest bums and there would alway be abum waiting to get on. This time this bum just gt out of the liquor stor with like 5 bottles 40oz of old english. He goes to pay the driver and he dros th bag full of beer and hestrts yelling FUCK LAHBERAFENFN BLAH BAHHH. He was also pissed cause his cigarrette were soaked. other funny times are when people accidentally leave their bicycles on the front rack of the bus and the dirver leaves.

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dude in-n-out 4x4 animal fries chocolate shake

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anyone have a link to a place where i can get help on building a fixie. I have an old track bike frame that oddly enough i found in a sewer. Im thinking that i simply strip off the brakes, but what is to be done to the gears in order to make it a true fixed gear?

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[Image] Simpsons vans size 11 300$ OBO each: Krusty and Futura edition Syndicate w)tap Chukkas size 11 120$ OBO shipped Syndicate w)tap sk8 hi's: SOLD! True Blue Spizike size 11 and 12 225$+ shipping PAYPAL READY

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i will kill for one of those kangol x alife beanies. ill get it once i pay off all my other shit.

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chinese chicken salad for lunch pesto pasta and steak for supper

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i was looking through my closet, and i found my old hundreds adam bomb jeans. I remeber they were my favorite, but now that i think about it i prolly looked gay as hell sagging these things

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lol last year this kid got drunk in the bathroom, and when the teachers asked him about it in the school office he denied it with his life....then he threw up all over the couches he was expelled

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