[Quote] cmonnn man...a block of wood?? phuck these types of comments...just naturally fade whatever u normally do...i thought thats the point of spending money on raw denim to get a personalized fade/fit/experience and a comfortable second skin..not filling ur pockets with everything and anything just to get a cool fade the beer cap idea is actaully kinda cool tho loll

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i like the 1969 raw selvege over the urban outfitters..just felt the need to drop that

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camel filter or camel turkish gold holler

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rugby varsity down jacket for them cold days...then a peacoat for them other days...might cop a leather jacket too

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[Quote] that is a precious fit. straight up swag

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[Quote] bump i am very curious

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now that wiz is on atlantic i will only have curren$y to listen to...but i can live w that he's got enough fire to carry my ipod... seriously tho curren$y is that moffuggaaaa

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[Image] something about the first one that i like more...little more foregiving

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i like dis [Image]

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hey i have an old leather jacket in my crib i wore it last year so its really nicely faded and stuff...but its wayyyy to baggy now i lost like 30lbs..is there anyway to tailor a leather jacket? i feel like that is a job for the elite tailors loll

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got this gap satchel backpack its pretty chill but getting kinda tired of it cuz i dont like wearin it tight on my back so i let it sag near my lower back and sometimes its just a bitch and hurts my back and shit...might get a new one at some point but im tryin to buy other shit right now

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[Image] thinkin of gettin these this weekend

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[Quote] im into this... its a down jacket not a varsity jacket...but the varsity silhouhette is a good idea to fill w feathers...probably mad cosy, rugby makes good quality shit...i was thinkin about buying this the other day and probably will this weekend just goin to try to see it in person...but as far as down jackets go i dont really like any downs except for like monclair and im not tryin to drop 600+ on a jacket my $.02

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[Quote] yea im like 175 5 10 right now...gonna stop wasting money on this stuff just cut clean..mayb buy stuff to help w the bulking.. i dont kno what imma do. still got weight to lose but not too much..like 10-15 lbs and then ill be little cut up

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mon chest/bi 5x5 bench press 2x8-12 incline bench press 2x8-12 dumbbell bench press 1x40 dumbell fly 5x5 concentration curl 2x8-12 barbell curl 1x40 cable preacher curl tues quad/hamstring 5x5 squat 2x8-12 lunges 1x40 cable leg raises 5x5 deadlift 2x8-12 leg curl 1x40 leg curl wednesdays shoulder/triceps 5x5 military press 2x8-12 arnold press 2x8-12 barbell front raise 2x8-12 shrugs 1x40 dumbbell lat raise 5x5 closegrip bench press 2x8-12 dumbell tricep extension 2x8-12 tricep kickback 1x40 french press thursday back/calves 5x5 lat pulldown 2x8-12 barbell row 2x8-12 back machine(idk teh name of this machine) 1x40 back machine (idk the name of this machine either lol) 2x8-12 calf raise 2x8-12 leg extension 1x40 calf press ab workout 4x a week found a static bike on the street dragged it home 45 minutes a day 5x a week this is what im doin since mid september..so far lost a lb, havent been too clean on the diet, but i have gone up on all my excersizes with weights..just started a real clean diet cheat meal 1x a week, just gotta really commit myself to it so i can see results

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