o yes [Image]

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this should hold me over until jay electronica drops something new [URL]

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blinkyeyes [URL] posted this in OT vid thread but I think it deserves it's own thread. Amazing film.

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wow, boss movie. Great script, the language was on point. Reminded me of an americanized shakespeare. Also very funny. Anybody else go see it?

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Peep the bold if reading makes you nauseous [Image] "BRAZZAVILLE, Congo

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A while back someone posted some AC posters they printed on their own. It might have been in the Post your room thread or something. No idea. Anyway I tried searching to no avail. Anyone know what Im talkin bout/ got the pics?

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fuck you! LA all day! edit: This is not a hate thread my guyyysss

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I saw it, I can agree it was a well made film, good acting by Ed Norton. But I couldn't call it a favorite. For some reason all the white people I know cant get enough of this damn movie though. Have never heard the same from a black friend though. Idk, i guess Im not really surprised by all the racism in the movie because i know what the shit is like in real life? Only part that made me blinkyeyes was the **spoiler** butt rape. discuss.

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just went back and listened to his last 3 albums after hearing about the supposed resigning to aftermath. Dude goes off. Delusional and/or crazy as hell %70 of the time. I don't really get the reasoning behind the majority of his career decisions, but thats part of what makes his whole aesthetic ill. He doesnt give a fuck. Shows through his music too, willing to put out anybodies name on a track ( wouldn't get far, 300 bars, im so wavy, etc). Hopefully the whole aftermath thing is true because Game and Dre are a epic combo. Hopefully they can get detox done, foreal this time. Make it sounds something classic like Chronic 2001 instead of a funkmaster flex compilation tape with a bunch of random big names in the industry. [URL]

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just saw City Of God and was actually pretty impressed. Aside from the obvious Scarface/Blow, what are some of the best movies circled around trafficking?

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OK you guys, i have two things from like a mil. years ago that i need you to remember. Remember that game from like a few years ago i dont remember what the name was but your just like a floating gun and you can onlock more guns and shit and the whole point of the game is to shoot and kill shit? Remember that other game i think it was on deviantart your like an ant or tiny human or ball or someshit and the point of the game is to get to the other side of the screen? But there obstacles and rooms etc etc. Looks kinda hand drawn. REMEMBER!?!?! Any body else have some tight shit for me to remember?

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see: [B]"How To Rob" (Power Of The Dollar)[/B] - classic. first song that gave 50 hype with good reason. [B]"Corner Bodega" (Power Of The Dollar)[/B] - rhyming about real shit. Why everybody used to fuck with him. You could tell he really did this other than the fake gangstas out now. [B]"Ghetto Qua Ran" (Power Of The Dollar)[/B] - you already know about this. name's all of NY's heavy hitters. The shit that supposedly got supreme locked. [B]"50 bars" (Guess Who's Back)[/B] - wow [B]"Doo Wop Freestyle" (Guess Who's Back)[/B] - classic flow over epmd beat. Get Rich or Die Tryin was classic of course. But half of the songs on there were already released at the time. There were a few nice tracks on Massacre. The rest pretty much Garbage. 50 described himself as rap's villain but i think he took it too far now he's hard to like. But back in the day he used to be backed pretty heavy by Nas and Jam Master Jay. If 50 got popped before he got corny I'm sure people would be ranking him top 10 a lot more often. What do you all think? Now i hate 50 more than any other rapper. His only fans are suburb ghetto tween dickriders, it's a shame.

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ex. "as the sun goes down and my dick grows bigger, how many bitches wanna fuck this n*gga" - fat joe "as the world rotates and my cake get bigger, rap stop sellin ima cook this n*gga" - lloyd banks also heard variations from fabolous, curren$y and more rappers i'm sure. So, where is it from? I'm guessing it's probably a biggie verse or something and i'm about to get crucified for not knowing, but it's been bugging me for a while.

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