Want to buy a size medium Nike NSW Blitz parka in black. Reply here or just pm me. Thanks

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Hi there, Clarks x concepts Ashcott, if anyone knows i can still get these brand new or used depending on condition. PM me or reply.. Cheers

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Traders and low ballers don't bother! Paypal only. Visvim fbt elk leather US10 SOLD. [URL] Click to enlarge. For more pictures or questions regarding the items feel free to pm me.

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Im after the black one in large but will consider the white. [Image]

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Witch denims have the same or Similar fit like the nashville but with smaller rear pockets and the same leg opening (8inchs)?

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What other brands fit like supreme box t-shirts or who supplies the t-shirts to supreme before they are printed? Reason for asking i like the fit for a size medium (long narrow).I find them a bit long when brand new but when washed, tumble dryed the fit is bang on. Also what brands are thoses long length v neck tees with a good sleeve length ive seen you guys wear in WDYWT?

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Joined: 23-06-2007 Posts: 9 Ive received my Original Fake chompers hoody today from Norsestore, but unsure with the two pockets. Right pocket when worn i can place four fingers through and the left pocket one finger. Anyone here got this hoody with the same holes? ?) [Image]

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