[Image] Its about three tracks electro/hip hop....The Rocket Ep [URL] You'll probably think its wack but, eh tell me what you think anyway Listen.Hate.Enjoy.

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I just wanted to drop a few tracks to see how people receive it (im sure it wont be good) Some of the stuff from past year. Basically what ive been doing is a mixture of hip-hop/rap and electro pop. Ill keep it brief and let the music speak for itself...feel free to let me know how much you hate it and I suck. [URL]

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I didnt know if there was one already As of late I have really been feeling Curtains' music...how do you guys feel

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These are some friends of mine. Two guys out of Chicago called the Bad Seedz. They dropped a free album...just to gain some attention so check out them out and leave some feed back please. Much appreciated. [URL]

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What's the deal with these delayed mixtapes. particularly Big Sean and Drake. Big Sean's was supposed to drop in Nov, then Dec....now it's Feb....Good Job! As for Drake his was supposed to drop in January. He's not nearly as bad as Sean but still. Ive been waiting on these things like LPs

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I just wanted to know what everybody thinks about a lot of the popular up and comers these days....namely... Wale Mickey Factz Asher Roth Cool Kids Pac Div Charles Hamilton Kid Cudi etc. Lets discuss...

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