hey guys i was looking for a new mp3 player, was thinking about getting a cowon d2 ([URL]) but not sure if its worth it, guys have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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hey guys i was wondering if Patriot is a good company to buy ram from, i found a great deal and dont want to buy it if its shitty, thanks in advance.

Started by RAM, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

hey guys im looking for a new desktop and im bad when it comes to electronics, i only want to spend like 750, i use it for hw and a few games nothing intense any suggestions. thanks in advance

Started by Desktops, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

hey guys ive looked online but cant find a American Rag sf website, is their one? thanks in advace

Started by American Rag, 2 Weeks ago in Denim

hey i need an auto refresher for mac, i know there is one out there but i cant find it, help plz.

Started by WC3 refresher, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

thanks mods can lock

Started by Name this levi, 2 Weeks ago in Denim

[B]New [URL] Site! [/B]

Started by New One Hit Wonder site, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

i hardly ever buy New balances but what shops in the SF area will get the New Balance Trail Busters? Thanks in advanced

Started by New Balance shops, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

hey, i am taking finals now and im bord a hell, what good rpgs are out on the psp, i need something to pass the time.

Started by PSP rpg, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Hey, my parents are going to Singapore and im trying to get them to get me a cell phone, would they cost more or less there than in the U.S

Started by Cell phones, 2 Weeks ago in Asia

I dont get it, Nike now has a infatuation with purple. 1st it was the purple pidges then the snake skin ones with purple and the silver star things, after that is the Dino Jr's and now its the "stars" air max 90's. Not that purple is a bad color or anything but, WTFXUP?

Started by Nike loves purple, 2 Weeks ago in Nike

[Image] i like them, what do you guys think?

Started by Vapor Mids, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

I may be really late for this, but when are they dropping i know it is supposed to drop in 07 but early late or mid 07?

Started by Dinosaur jr's, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

Are there any good emulators that i can use on my mac, i tried the PCSX er whatever and it kept on shutting down during ff7.

Started by PSX emulators for Mac, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

i have a choice of weigers purple pidgeons aqua chalks or the green taxis, all the same price, which ones should i get?

Started by WHICH ONE?!?!?!, 2 Weeks ago in Brands