[URL] Haven't been posting much but we are still hustling out here. Excited to continue with the brand and for all the growth we've received since we've started. Thanks for all the support.

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[URL] Peace and Bless.

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[Image] We just got these made and I got my home girl to shoot. Very budget savy photoshoot (my backyard) but it came out chill and fun. That is all. [URL]

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[Image] Sup guys. I didn't know where to post this so here goes. We just made a fresh batch of bear stickers to promote our company. So we are giving away stickers to the first 25 people who emails me with their name and address (sorry domestic only for now). They are dope and were made at the same companies such as the Hundreds and old school TnC. High Quality Vinyl. We will also be giving away more freebies as we get them for the new year, so keep posted! Thanks HB for letting us post; or not (we might get janked for spam) but at least for the first 25 people who get at us, you will receive the stickers. Peace, Proverse Crew [email]info@proverse.com[/email]

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I usually just check out this one. Any others?

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[Image] Standard Functions X Proverse sample sale this saturday August 21st. There will be a BBQ, Streetfighter Tourny, Sales, and Good People to chill with. Bring Cash. Don't Miss. Peace

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Sup my fellow hypebeasters, Just wondering your take on this. I'm sure its been posted before but not sure what consumers really like in terms of the two. for recap. Plastisol - plastic ink printed on a shirt. (usually what you've been seeing all these years, standard) Discharge - a dye that makes the image on a shirt (doesn't really feel like theres anything on the shirt). Cheers!

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Hit me up with name and address if you want some free stickers at [email]info@proverse.com[/email]. All i ask in return is that you take a photo of where you stuck it. Domestic only. Check out [URL] website for more details.

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Hey guys, My name is Barry and I recently started a clothing brand from the ground up. The company is called [URL] and I've been working on it for about a year in development and three months going live. Now this post isn't about my clothing company (however if you want to check it out feel free) but more of an invitation to ask questions you might have on starting up a clothing brand. I know when I first started, I had a lot of questions and many of them went unanswered. But by no means am I saying that you shouldn't go out and look for answers and figure them out yourselves. Doing that only makes you better in my opinion. But for those questions you might have trouble figuring out, maybe I can shed some light. So yeah. Ask and I will do my best to answer anything you might be curious about or inquiring. I am still learning so please feel free to enlighten me if you have a better approach or suggestion that trumps mine. Cool. Peace, Barry (Disclaimer: I am no expert nor have I ever presented that I am)

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