Has anyone been to VS social status in the southdale mall? Its pretty sick!

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With iGadget you can put songs from your ipod on to your comp. and then into your itunes

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Goldschlagger has gold leaf in it but it doesnt make your dookie twinkle.

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The problem with gas isn't when people buy it, its how much we buy. Having a gas-out on one day won't help anything.

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^^ we were just sayin he looked scared as shit when de la hoya was punchin at him.

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[QUOTE=brice;505376][Image]QUOTE] LMAO at the dude in the cutoff shorts...

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Just a heads up for anyone in minnesota, the footaction in the mall of america has two pair of jordan IV's the military colorway in sizes 7.5 and 8 for 79.99.

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i saw those at a bunch of spots today.

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[Quote] Haha yea we were saying the same thing. He looked like a bitch, i thougt de la hoya fought a good fight even though he lost. I wanted maweather to get knocked the f out so bad.

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That doesnt really look like the type of garage that would have a 360 in it.

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Any new information on these?

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[Quote] Damn the one where there was somethin in the school pool had me scared for years. I think Tales from the crypt was better though cuz i felt so grown when i watched it...

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[Quote] Haha that was chris rock.

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I got my suede gazelles like a week ago and they still stink

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[Quote] My 6.0 dunks have a stuffed tongue.

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