[Quote] co-sign,,,,its true, as people keep sayin,,,, Men are the new WOmen

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wow, chunk and ape is doin it big over there huh

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i dont think you want 10 deep...i think that ...you "think" you want 10 deep...cuz if you actually did its common sense to go to 10deep.com

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this post is as sad as that other kid'd post about, "how should i wear my new chucks"...

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so wasup with it Nick? i read in some earlier posts of yours that a screenprinter in LA screwed you? is that true? did you get it reproduced elsewhere and gonna release it at all?

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wasteful thread, your an idiot if you dont know how to wear chucks are any other type of shoe,and need advice on that type of shit,,, damnit its just shoes, just wear the damn thing, why you need someone online tell you how to wear it, what if he tells you to wear it a certain way and you dont like how it looks, you still gonna wear it that way? and what the hell are you buying chucks from your friend anyways, those are still like 30-40 bucks, get a fresh one,, yea son yea

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get at her son...dont post your love for her here man,,,,you gotta pursue you lover. yea son yea

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you might as well hire the guy that played him to model your clothes, since i dont think he got nothing better else to do.

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yea but there are millions of people that buy clothes like LRG that just buy clothes to wear and dont think too much into it, only HBsters and blogs readers and what not think this way,,,and thats only probably 10 percent of their sales, the rest are just dudes tryin to look fresh shopping at macy's and whatnot,..you act like Jim Carrey still wants to do In Living Color for chump change instead of 20 million doller movies.

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seriously, a lil too much imagination,,,,hundreds is no where worth buying right now, maybe later but definitely not now, do you all actually think crooks or hundreds is worth a big name buying it ? how much is Jay z gonna make ? couple thousand here couple thousand there? thats small money,,,,..i mean they just recently started the public label,,,but other than that its simple stuff....its like jayz tryin to buy a honda and tryin to hook it up, but he rather buy a benz

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its aight, but is that just a t bone? two bones makin a letter T? is that it to that one or is there a back to it ? guess it just a random logo tee

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agreed, dude you work there , lets face it, nobody goes through that trouble to promote if its not associated with them, its all good, just say it,

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thats why on hypbeast, you gotta come strong or dont come at all or else this is what you get, online stores, designers, artists, watevers,...but seriously, this was the beginning and end of "THE TUNNEL"

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nah man he's a true G , a true G, always Gotta type with a uppercase G , yea son, yea......

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