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Love these, even with retros finally fading. Nice that it was super easy to get a pair. These, 1s, 3s, 4s, 6s

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https://www.facebook.com/sport55/videos/10153354608891651/ Nate Robinson heckled by an Israeli

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[Quote] was there live for his oakland meltdown in 2012. I dont know how he is allowed to be out of jail.

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[Quote] loving that decade bump shoutout Berk & the 510/Bows family

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Today I met Thom Browne. Played with his dog. Dude is insanely cool. Didn't bother for a pic, had a solid conversation with the god himself.

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Chopped it up w the boys at SupNY today. They got flown out for the Paris opening which was super dope. Stock was absurdly low. Walked out with the alfa romero keychain, sis ended up taking it the second i got back home.

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[Quote] yo in 6th grade some scrub moved into my neighborhood spit in my face after i slid into third base playing kickball I too, punched him repeatedly in the head. Outside of school and my dad thought it was chill so we good

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Don't worry g. Senior year a couple of friends and I did a group video project that depicted a hanging. 2 of my buddies got suspended, one had to go to a ward for 3 days. He's totally good and graduating from Pittsburgh this year. It may be hard now but life moves on

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Not huge on the hoverzoom profiles. Does look slightly mobile-site-ish. Gotta get used to it I guess

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[Quote] bro i emailed you where are the youtube videos?? I need Omar's Room ASAP EW!

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[i]Even as a freshman in high school who only visited BAPE to window shop, I still remember Frendy from back in the day sharing his personal stories about how he got the opportunity to work there. The storefront was more than just a place to spend your allowance or your weed money, it was a hangout spot for people with ties to street culture, be it the skaters, the grafitti artists, urban explorers, or just plain old hip-hop heads.[/i] This line really hits home. Remember Frendy selling me a pair of brown/white roadstas back in 08/09 and the friendship lasts today. Such a fond memory. Too bad he left last year. Shoutout to everyone who used to lurk BT / BT2 as well.

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JUJUROCS, I see that woman all of the time right near campus. I feel extremely bad for her feet.

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The zippo released?

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^^ can those be found anywhere...

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