Since when has sharing your opinion become hating?!!!??? hating would be if that shit was fire and i called it trash. B, if u got hits off of my sharing my opinion, more power to you homie, (looks like u need it). It just seems like mad carbon copies are poppin up and they get as much love as the ones who r really bout it. I thought this site was for a different market, guess not, or maybe the game is just gettin mad diluted

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I had to cut up guys for a minute just to fit and hope that spots carried kicks in my size. shit has been ruff 4 a girl in this game trying to stay fresh, they just weren't makin it 4 us... the new emergence of female brands is dope ive seen married to the mob, brown babies and mama get the most press. i can def rock married tothe mob they keep it gully no-apology style, brown babies haven't seen any tees, have they even come out yet? is the product their asses hanging out of their skirts? But this mama shit... why is it on this site? if i wanted dime a dozen shirts i can go to dr.jays or marshalls, can we get some respect??? i havent seen any guy shit that corny on this site and it gets a free pass cuz its a chick? im all for girls doing there thing but if its trash its trash male or female, hypebeast you need to respect our gangsta!! [URL] (dr. jays!!!!)

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