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Looking for a pair of Air Terra Albis in any size 9.5 through 11. Interested in either the varsity red or the concord (or both!). Get at me if you got a pair to sell. Will pay good money. one

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Anybody ever soak their RRL's? I got a pair of 34/32 that I love, but the legs are just a little too baggy, so I am thinking of soaking em. I love the feel / texture of the denim, though and don't want to ruin that so if anyone has soaked, give me some tips god!

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Looking for a pair of RRL jeans size 32 x 30. Would like the darkest crispy wash in a slim straight cut but I am flexible. Hit me up thankssmokeyface

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About a year ago at Concepts in Boston I saw an ILL pair of Gucci slip ons / loafers. They were kind of like sneakers, with a white midsole, and almost a vans-style sole. At the time I didn't have the cash, but now I am looking for some dope summer time joints. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Sup yall, Looking for a reliable website to cop Moncler joints. Shit is getting mad pirated so I want a site that has the 100% authentics. Thanks smokeyface

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Up for grabs is a pair of like new Super Ciccio frames, worn by Kanye, Weezy, Pharell, etc. They are cool grames, like a chunkier wayfarer. Looking for $125 OBO paypal only plus shipping (will ship anywhere). Would also trade for a pair of Oakley Frogskins. Thanks! [Image]

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Yo, I am looking for some new glasses in the style of Moscot. Saw a really nice pair I liked that were similar to Moscot, but I don't think they were. Had golden bars on the sides of the lenses (like where the rayban logo would be) and then kind of diamond shapes on the sides. Anyone have any ideas? Otherwise, just recommend me some similar style frame brands to Moscot please. Thanks

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sup yall? i am trying to get up on some old LO shit, but I don't really know much about it. I know about the big shit (snow beach, etc.) but that's about it. Can anyone point me to like a list of the different polo lines/styles throughout the years or somewhere where I can read up on all the OG shit? thanks! smokeyfacesmokeyface

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Hate it or love it, I like to rock a bubble vest on occasion. Anyway, post up some hot ones for this yr smokeyface

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[Quote] Any info on these jeans?

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verdict: GOOD look rocked it all summer. mad hunnies was feelin it

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What are some good places online to buy samurai denim?

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[Quote] .

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