pending on nt

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Lookin for Eggplant Foamposites, Blue Foamposites, All white pippens, or Foamposite Max B silver duncans willing to trade a pair of OG ds condition Jordan XII obsidian's OG box nd everything wrapped in plastic and bubblewrap

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bumpp accepting trades for blue or purple foampositess

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I have some OG Jordan XII Obsidian's Deadstock have been wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic for the past few years (except for pictures) OG box and everything retro card lol not they are sz 10 no yellowing or any damage from aging $300 BIN paypal fee and shipping is included in the $300 meet-ups only in MD paypal preferred not looking for any trades except eggplant foamposites [Image] Thank you for looking

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goyard, LV, gucci

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Me getting into the underground cluture was like a calling lol When I was 12 i use to skateboard, and I was looking up skateboarding shoes nd shitt and I came across sb's. They were relativity new at that time I had just turned 12 which was march 2003. I don't know exactly when the sb brand started but i think it was sometime in 02. So i would always look up sb's cuz they looked cool to me different I liked them but couldn't afford them and didn't know where to get them other then the internet. So i was on a group on myspace about skateboarding and some kid who wore sb's was talking about bape (summer 03) I looked up bape and I found alot of stuff that i liked but then I converted the yen into us and was lik wtf I could never, but i still followed the site downloading and tht shit everytime reading about the news and the new drops Later, summer of 05 i was wit my cousins in NY (I moved to baltimore when i was 10 and go to NY every summer) and one of there bestfriends who I am still friends wit today who I call my cousin as if he was apart of my family was deep in the underground dude lik knew people who worked wit 10.deep and mishka and a few other brands so I get all that stuff threw him for cheap and before most sotres even get anything in stock from that season I basically went around wit him alot learning alot making firends wit managers, such as Leo the OLD manager to Bape but now manages Union/Stussy (although stussy was recently shut down) still cool with him and 06 when I was 15 i got a job through somebody that payed me 11.50 and hour starting, that's when I started buying alot of stuff I like Bape especially. I made a hypebeast account around this time but never used it cuz I was always on a bape forum. I still have that job I get 16 an hour (+ a lil hustle I do lol dont ask) I no longer like bape like I use to but It is still my favorite brand in the sense of if yu look at everything they did in comparison to any other brand who is fuckin wit them, i realized that when I went thru the anniversary book but thats my story

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i wear 507 and 527 i only wear 511 when im wearing j V's or sb's

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DC/MD meet-up virginia can come to nd i wan go to club love so bad mayn but i dont turn 18 till march i fuck around go for my birthday yaheame lol

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the checkerboard vans were the worst design ever and The Pack did not help at all

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i care i be slappin hoes wit fakes

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chukkas ftw

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the foamposites are the greatest yall trippin

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original price is $150 but nike suein the shit outta them so yu can find em for as low as $75-$100

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even during his studio 43 days he was a beast cuz he wasn't really saying nothing but he still was killin shit lyrically wit metaphors I can appreciate that also lik I am a MF Doom fan also and Doom doesn't really talk about anything either but if yu really listen to him he has a genius lyrical talent

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yae i was about to say that cuz my manz rapper over this beat lik two years ago he killed it imo edit:is it just me or was doom geekin on that track singing r&b nd makin lion noises lol

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