Hey does anyone know how to take pictures like Clayton Hauck for his site everyoneisfamous.com? more specifically, how do you get light streaks while still keeping the face and subject clear?

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[Quote] yeah dude, i havent heard the song but reading the lyrics it seems like a bunch of white kids that think because they didnt participate in slavery they dont enjoy the benefits of a society built on free labor, and exclusion of blacks and minorities. not saying there isnt blame on both sides, just that i hate to hear about things like that set people into one mind set.

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[Quote] what the fuck is this neo-con aryan bullshit? i admit black people be triflin sometimes but youre ignorant if you think slavery is gone so everythings cool

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[Quote] haha thoth! dude made an opera about his make-believe world [URL]

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i love how two guys try to cover for him too haha

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any opinions on Pentax SLRs? thinking about the K20D because I already have pentax lenses

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i personally think sizing down 1 is perfect. i think im like 31-32 and did 30 and shit fit fine at first and didnt stretch that much. wish they were higher rise though for some ill sagging

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+1 for Melaku Fershgenet

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Dont get sick, 100's of thousands of people go bankrupt from medical bills. you dont want your shit to get tangled and have to move back when youre making progress How Mark Cuban made it: [URL]

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im just not down with kids not smoking or drinking because they've been brainwashed into thinking its bad. If you dont like the way it makes you act, or its against a religion you actually adhere to, or youre not trying to get had by the police, just be cool and say that. i know straight edge kids that get upset when they dont get invited to parties but when they come they just brood in a corner. and i know straight edge dudes that come out, dance, ham it up with people and bring something to the table. do you, and if youre scared and nervous about things people are gonna know that, but if you is someone thats real no one cares shit if you drink or smoke.

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^bloomberg lulz ftw

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word, if youre near USC check out there med school website and see if you can find some studies to participate in. some will pay you 400 bucks to study your sleep patterns which isnt bad

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