First season finale in a long while that wasn't completely devoid of all hope

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At first I thought Chuck's mental illness was triggered by "Slippin' Jimmy." Turns out Chuck's just mad Saul might be better than him at law and life in general I really hope this show ends with Saul re-re-reinventing himself post cinnabon.  The way things are going, his life is as shitty or even shittier than Walt's

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[Quote]Thanks, here's more: My Life As A Dog - One of the best coming of age movies I've seen. Watch how this dude tries to drink milk. The Best Offer - An uppity auctioneer falls in love with a reclusive heiress. Great cinematography. The Fisher King - THE Dude tries to search for the Holy Grail.

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Highly Recommended: John Wick - Center Axis Relock smokeyface Rob the Mob - Exactly as the title says. Robberies are funny as fuck. Las Horas Muertas - Young man falls for an older woman. Dat ass.

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[Quote][Image] Progress on only one. Not into rotating much. First Pic: Flash in the Dark Last Pic: Room Light

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Highly Recommended: Guardians of the Galaxy- I try to avoid obvious recommendations but this is one of my favorite movies. A Dirty Carnival- Korean gangster film with heart. This one fight scene is particularly [Image] Series: Peaky Blinders- Pretty good crime series.

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^I need to see Birdman and Zero Theorem Very Highly Recommended: El Sur - I admit this one is a bit plodding, but Victor Erice's movies always leave you with "something." They Live - Pretty interesting concept I'd rather not spoil. Catch it on Sundance channel this month. WTF-Inducing: Videodrome - Cronenberg is usually a hit or miss with me but I enjoyed this one. Long live the new flesh. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders - Dreamlike. Disturbing. Confusing.  Heads Up: If you have IFC make sure you check out/DVR "Suspiria." Haven't seen it, but I hear it's got a cult following. On IFC Oct. 26th around 2 am.

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^ Iron Heart 666 or 301 come to mind. Also the Dry Bones collab with Self Edge. It really isn't ideal to have heavy weight denim with a really slim cut. That's a recipe for sweaty balls and/or crotch rip depending on climate. IMO anything over 16oz is OD. Heavier does not mean better.

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^ he shoulda kept the hood on longer

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Very Highly Recommended Spirit of the Beehive - Read as little about it as possible. Just watch and become immersed in it.  The Battle of Algiers - Terrorists use it as a blueprint for their tactics. The US gov. used it to understand terrorists.  All is Lost - Robert Redford as a sailor with the worst luck ever Worth a Look I am Love - Tilda Swinton's Tits  Martha Marcy May Marlene - Elizabeth Olsen's Tits smokeyface The Dreamers - Eva Green's Tits smokeyfacesmokeyface

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^ This. Plus you get free life time hemming services at both BiG and SE. So when you get tired of stacks, and you WILL get tired of stacks, you get free chain stitch hemming instead of paying $40 bucks.  I'd rather have chain stitching rather than $12 lock stitching by some random dry cleaner.

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[Quote]Info? I swear this is some 80s/90s actress but I can't place the face

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Great cinematography. Interesting twist/time shift to the medical drama. Swagged-out-cocaine-addicted-white-boots-wearing Clive Owen. Anyone else Watching?

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Very Highly Recommended: Incendies - Slow burning mystery, dat ending Animal Kingdom - Gritty Australian crime flick  Thief (1981) - Refn's Drive was basically a love letter to this film, try to watch the Criterion version Recommended: Sexy Beast Das Experiment Kon-Tiki Where the Trail Ends

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[Quote]Adding to this list, some have been mentioned before + obvious choices previously unavailable for streaming. Popcorn Flicks: City of God New World 13 Assassins In Bruges Sleepless Night Tell No One On the Job Masquerade The Hunt Kon-Tiki The Immigrant Resolution In the Loop Shaolin Soccer Blue is the Warmest Color If you want to watch "something different:" Waking Life  Upstream Color Days of Heaven 3 Women Berberian Sound Studio Fallen Angels The Island (2006 aka Ostrov) The Imposter (2012) Holy Motors The Scent of Green Papaya Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Nostalghia Post Tenebras Lux Russian Ark Le Quattro Volte

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