lookin to hook up  :3

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that hairstyle is ugly.

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24 inch waist C cup boobs flawless skin18 inch silky thick black hair plays the piano  wears settled clothing, neutral shades owns a puppy lv speedy purse tiffany & co necklace perfect white teeth graceful personality

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[Embed content] 2:25

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give me that extra "umph." ;)

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where da link doeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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and you thought i wouldnt see this?

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smh how can i get over this?

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I went on a date with a mix boy whoes half chinese and half portugese. He was really cute. Great date but not so amazing personality. Then I met this really tall croatian man. He was so tall and big. The kissing. The slamming me against the wall and picking me up with both legs in the air. It was hot. Like I can't get enough of it. But I seem.. I don't know how to get comfortable with one. I really love the physical thing. It's so hot. Man they have that umph. I can't go back to asian guys anymore.  [URL]

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Ready, set, go!

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I like this guy. He's a freshman in the university. I always notice him whenever he passes by the blue chairs where I and my friends usually hangout. My friends like him too. One time, when he was walking by the lobby, I approached him and asked for his name. He smiled and handed me his ID card. There I knew him. I started to like him so much. There was this moment when I called him up. He looked at me but my friends laughed. I guess he was embarrassed. I decided to write him a letter. I even made him a doodle that night not even minding having a comprehensive exam in one of my major subjects the following day. That morning, I saw him. I ran toward him to hand the letter. He stared at me, smiled, but said NO. Then I somewhat begged saying "please take this." He nodded, took the letter, and walked away. That was the last time I saw him in the campus. I was hurt. Maybe life isn't really like the series or movies I've watched before. Life ain't easy. But I don't care if his absence means rejection. At least I was able to confess. smh

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I'm an English major. i plan to write a novel soon speaking about the mistreatment and inequality of females in today's society. One important issue I want to focus on is the hypocrisy of the terms "sluts" and "pimps." How can a pimp be known as a good thing when it's basically the male version of a slut? So I plan to make my novel directly towards the hypocrisy. How about yours!? =)

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a serious one at that. yes or no? ^___^

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I love iphones because of all the cute cases!

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Hey boys, my bf lets me wear his box logo ^___^ Jealous?

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