[Quote] You going to churn some butter or something? Please try again when you actually have something decent to post instead of stuff that you wear to milk the cows.

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[Quote] They aren't LVC. LVC replicate old cuts and styles. These are just normal Levis. Just that they were made in the 1890s instead of 21st century.

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[Quote] Why not? Does he have to wait? Is there an unwritten law about denim? Does he have to follow what is perceived by the majority? Maybe he got them dirty? Maybe he has B.O? Maybe he wants a vintage-esq fade? Maybe he doesn't want jeans like everyone else? From a member of your age and caliber I do not expect silly questions like this.

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Hem the slacks, looks messy at the bottom. But your still a kid! Maybe it's and American thing, but you've got your whole life ahead of you too waste money on suits. Buy something that still looks smart but won't break your wallet, and you can wear more then twice a year.

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Plus your NBs are tied way too tight, and is the iPod earphones really necessary?

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Fuck being nice. The fit is shit, the photo is shit, the pose is shit, the room is shit, the individual pieces are shit. I can smell the fail all the way here in New Zealand.

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Whats with the Bathing Ape bag on the wall? Is it that important to you? Probably should find a more neutral place to take photos so we don't subconsciously judge you.

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[Quote] Sorry to call you out on this, but it is [B]sanforized[/B] not [B]sanfortized[/B]. The first few times where you wrote this in your posts I though it was a typo, but now you have wrote it like that numerous times and other people are copying you. A bit OCD, but as you seem to drop a lot of knowledge, you should be using the correct spelling.

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Green cast my man. The weft (second layer of cotton, usually white) has a slight green tinge too them. So once the indigo has worn off, the green weft is more pronounced, giving kind of a 'dirty' look.

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/\ I agree, As shallow as it sounds, everything that has a market must have good aesthetics to the eye. Food, clothes, cars, girls... whatever it is, the design is the main selling point.

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Does anyone else find this question kind of stupid? I mean all slim-fits have a small leg opening. And we are on HB, so of course the denim is going to be raw. So what this person is looking for is a model of Nudies, APCs or a Japanese brand. And unless these brands release some slim boot cuts, which all but a few Japanese brands don't, he will find something that he likes relatively easy.

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Just a quick update... The fits quite nice. A nice straight leg. But I've sagged them so not really what I'm supposed to do. I removed the tags, as I had them tucked into the pockets, but they would just end up getting damaged and falling so they are gone. And quickly about the two kinds of denim, the Lee side seem darker, hairier and rub off on my hands easily, the Levis side seem lighter, show more weft and a slightly heavier. Choosing not too cuff, as I want the hems to rope. But the leg-twist is amazing, one they are both twisting inwards, its crazy.

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Studio D'Artisan D1326 Crazy-Flasher Finally going to start wearing these. Size 32 Pre-Soak Levis-Side Waist - 32 Inseam - 34 Leg Opening - 8.5 Lee-Side Waist - 32 Inseam - 35 Leg Opening - 8.5 Back Pocket Lee [URL] Still undecided on cuffing and removing the stitched tags. Post soak picture when dried.

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Getting colder... [URL] Lacoste Nudie MJ X Vans

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