I used to played a few months back but it got repetitive after a while.

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SHIT, I payed $110 when they first came out at supreme.

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yoshi = b18c5typer01's tag = me >smh [URL][B][/B]

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Pay me 50 bucks ill check you in.

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My airmax 95s

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K go buy massive amounts of beef from korea and sell it in japan at a low price! Im not even joking with you.

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I agree with you dude, it pisses me off when kids walk around with a pair of new school sb's, which btw are all trash now. Everyone thinks they are the shit with their new sb's , and crazy looking hoodies. They ruined the fun of being a sneaker head, cause it seems like every one is a sneaker head now. I especially feel bad for you since ur in hs, and u prob see a bunch of kids walking around in their dunks or jordans thinking they are the shit. Its fun how all the kids act like they know about every sneaker in the world. Lmfao the worst thing is people now wear some super fruity clothing and think they are fly.

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SHit, im about to go play some cs right now.

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[Quote] ^that sucks dude, as Herman Edwards would say, "you play to win".

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[Quote] Dude thats a joke if you say field condtions have nothign to do with turnovers. No shit if they were stripped its because the footballs wet, you dont have a good grip on it. If ur saying cold weather doesnt affect the players thats a joke. Cause playing in 70 degree sun is way easier then 20 degree snowy weather. Im not a Saints fan by the way, just giving some insight.

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K let me explain to you why the Bears rolled over the Saints. Sean Payton(saints head coach) had the Saints practice indoors for the entire week. They were not prepared for the field conditions, thats why they had four turnovers. Which is the reason why they lost. Bears will now be playing in Miami, where its not going to be snowing and the field is going to be nice and clean. Colts are going to kill them, unless the Bears can develop a running game like they did against the Saints.

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[Quote] Yes indeed lafayette is the place to b if u want some dunks!

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I have been weight training for a while now, and i also was thinking about using roids for a 6 week period. Depends on how old you are, if your under 21 dont even bother cause ur going to mess up your endocrine system, mind u not u r still growing. If your older then that and u have gone over the side effects and you looked at the opp cost. Then go ahead, but use it for a short period of time. Also I advise u get a nutrionist, and speak to a doctor prior to using it.

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[Quote] [URL]

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[Quote] My Mistake!

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