Dope. Mr. West has been showing his ass! He murdered Big Sean on "Glenwood." Killed BOTH of the Clipse(no easy feet) on "Kinda Like a Big Deal." Now he's murdered Jay on his own track. He's showing amazing lyrical growth since 808s dropped. I think that project really cleared his head and kind of cleaned his pallet. Fuck, he wasn't spitting this well when he was broke trying to get a deal. it's rare to see growth like that from an artist, especially and artist of his wealth/success. /end rant. Overall, i think the track is dope. It does sound like a single, but it's volumes better than what most artists produce for mass acceptance. I'd give it a 7/10, mostly for the beat and kanye's verse. seriously though, Hov needs to cop a composition notebook and a pen. this off the top of the dome shit is just showing his age, and he's begining to come off as repetitive.

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downloading now. best of the summer? sounds far fetched considering J.Cole's "Warm Up" is better than most official releases i've heard in 2009 thus far.

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J. Cole - "Just To Get By"

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[Quote] ditto, kiddo. been bumping A Tale of Two Cities in anticipation.

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are you referring to Jake One's "Glow" Featuring Elzhi, and Royce Da 5'9? shit's dope.

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i just want to see the D.O.A. Music Video afterwards.

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ew. sometimes Neptune beats literally just sound like noise. this is one of those instances IMO. i sure fucking hope this doesn't end up on the album. I had high hopes with the release of "Kind Of a Big Deal" but it's seems as though they might be heading in a difrection i'm not about to follow.

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the kid's definitely, humble. he's had his heart in music for a while. long time coming i suppose.

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[Quote] agreed. you can just see certain things in people. for this guy I see bitch. he's definitely compensating for something(or lack there of). plus, he's siting VIBE like it's a viable source. the same mag that gave Benzino records near-classic ratings. pish-posh.

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R.I.P Big L

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[Quote] what time does this jumpoff start Phil? i've been following the awardtour blog/brand since it's started. you're doing big things mang. good to see you executing notions.

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[Quote] Hell Hath No Fury is most def a classic. Lord Wilin', not so much. btw, suprised no one's comment on Mr. West's verse. he's been smashing every rhyme he's touched for the last 2-3 months now.

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[Quote] co-sizzy. tracks dope. looks like the Clipse are do to drop their 2nd classic LP.

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Drake is more relateable as an artist. Also, seems more open-minded. That will be the difference between his and Millz career. I was a bit of a Jae Millz fan..... In highschool. That should say something about Jae's progression as an artist.

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