[Embed content] Much love HB!!! Album dropping May 8th  follow me on Twitter/IG @b_low_brown I follow all da HB familia back

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Real niggas only no 2015 niggas

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Who won? I go first. [Embed content]

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Back before, I was making music. But it wasn't good enough. Something was lacking. I took a year away from western civilization to hone my craft. Thank you. the God is back edit: 1k views dam [Embed content]

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I just started using that shit again, I don't get no love smh  post ya pages & I'll follow you, follow ya boy back tho  Our shit is [URL] We got naked bitches, music, and random shit. Show some love

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Niggas hacking HB man smh my shits lagging I can't post edit: nvm lol follow me on twitter

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Who got twitter, list ya name & I'll follow you [Image]

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A nigga turned 20.. I'm feelin mature as fuck not even gonna lie Gonna get birthday sex from a girl I been wanting to fuck since 10th grade Boutta get smoked out by her & my best homie & his girl Just made one of my best beats (I still am mediocre but it feels great to make progress) havin a birthday BBQ at the beach Friday & some bad bitches been askin about it loving life right now. Shout to all the HB family, I love all of yall hope y'all havin a dope ass day too straight up aight peace

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Be brutally honest with a nigga. It's not much but I want other people's opinions going into future songs & videos its only a minute long, give or take [Image] [URL]

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If you're here to judge, save your shit. I don't want to hear it. It took months to get the courage to do this & nothing you niggas say can hurt me. For those who still fuck with me, I appreciate it. It was hard to do but I'm so happy I finally got it done.  [Embed content]

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[Embed content]

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Man the Internet is full of weird niggas. How you gonna sit there posing as another nigga on the Internet?

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Word to ruthless

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A nigga been lookin for a dope video camera, I been lookin at the go pro black but that shit look like its made for sports & shit.. Can you hold it like a normal camera too? Cuz I'm feelin the quality

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