[Embed content] Furn - White Flags its about 'the singularity' ...listen & watch ...comment?


What do you think, worthy? 'True Love' [youtube]o6MAmUDscSQ[/youtube] 'Post-Mortem' [youtube]Tftq04rlIv4[/youtube] aight, i'm back to the lab, Alejo

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[Quote] It was a container ship, theres an estuary right beside the Alameda Point Skatepark

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Heres another Shot some Vans for this one. [youtube]m6Vumom5qxU[/youtube]

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Creepy Halloween spec Ad I shot promoting Levi's 501's. Wanted to post it and get some feedback, its based on a true story.... [URL] nah, just kidding its fiction. Let me know whats what. - Alejandro

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[Quote] Well, long story short, I set up this timelapse last minute and then realized I needed some kind of light in the foreground for the shoes as the sun went down. Would have been nice to mimic a streetlamp, but at the moment all I had was a flashlight, and no stand or fixture, therefore I hand held it for about half an hour. I knew there was no way the light would hold consistent but I decided to hold it anyway, see what would result. Twas the purpose of this last minute outing, to see what would result. I actually enjoy it, though ideally, in a controlled environment I would have started the timelapse earlier, with longer intervals and setup lights to seperate the shoes. The light as it is gives a bit of action to the piece, and when I cut it to the Sound Fx the light seemed to dance along as if it represented the bounces of the basketball. Glad you guys dug it regardless. I got a couple others I'm working on I'll post those later.

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Had my 30D last time I went up to the Bay and shot some timelapse sequences. Made this one into a 30 sec spec featuring some SB Blazer Low's. I know, I know, there SB's but the specs rep'n basketball...its all good! [URL]

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