One of my friend has a pair of Burgundy half cabs [Image] And I really like the color burgundy on shoes. What are some shoes that come in a burgundy colorway? I don't want to get the same half cabs as him since he only wears like 2/3 shoes that he rotates around.

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People at StyleForum swear by Allen Edmonds for an entry level high quality dress shoe. The go to model would be the Park Avenue.

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For those people that really need some inspiration... I got this as part of my CDP and I don't know what to do with it. [Image]

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If you like retro games then go for it. For me I only wear Graphic T's that I understand and I can associate myself with.

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If you use a dryer then go true to size, if not size down.

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I like crewnecks because I feel I can't pull off a V-neck with nothing underneath. I like wearing v-neck sweaters on top of a t-shirt though.

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Honestly to the troll, even though I think everyone here is stupid for thinking they're the shit in their Supreme t-shirts and their Nikes and everyone cares (they don't) you should just stop being a troll. People here like buying everything that comes out of Supreme. Just let them be.

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[Quote] Way to contradict yourself.

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Honestly you don't have to buy the T-000 khaki. Any other Uniqlo slim cut is fine.

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Converse Jack Purcell in leather. They look quite classy while still having that street vibe. [Image]

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I kinda like Plimsolls now. It's like a Vans with a small sole.

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If you really want to go minimalist 1 pair black Vans/Converse 1 pair white Vans/Converse And you're done. I like the Jack Purcell for Converse since it's slightly different. Then the person above I think made a pretty good list. It kind of depends on your personal taste. I personally like to stock 1 sneaker of each brand except for the actual Nike which I'm not a big fan of (I'm ok with Jordans) Quick run down of popular casual sneakers from each brand that should be able to be found easily at an economic price (except for Jordans) Nike - Dunks, Dunk SBs, Blazers, Air Maxes (Esp. Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and Air Max 95) are the main ones. AF1 are starting to lose appeal since the whole baggy thing is dying down. Some other people like the Cortez. adidas - Campus, Superstar, Samba, Stan Smith Reebok - Pump Omni Lite... Some sort of pump or a retro Iverson. New Balance - 574, 576, MT580, 1500, 1700 seem to be the main targets of collabs form the top of my head. Asics - Gel Lyte III seems to be the most popular Asics shoe. Puma - Basket, Suede, Clyde are all classic Pumas. Basket is leather, Suede and Clyde are both suede but the Clyde is slightly different in cutting. Jordan - Most popular Jordan right now would be the 3. Most popular colorways are the White Cement, Black Cement, True Blue, Fire Red. Saucony also seems to be getting a bit of attention right now but I'd stick with those brands listed above right now. And then a Hypebeast shoe - This would be an Air Yeezy or a Supra TK Kennedy whatever right now. There's also a bit more interest in luxury brand sneakers. A few brands that come to mind are Gucci, Lanvin, Y-3, Rick Owens, and Common Projects. Also a few not really sneakers that a lot of Hypebeasts own Boat Shoes (Sperry, Sebago... Many other brands) Desert Boots (Clarks + other brands) And then there's also other performance sneakers such as basketball shoes/skate shoes if you do that type of stuff but if I had no shoes and I had a couple hundred to build up a sneaker wardrobe that's how I would do it.

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If I never got a New Era hat I would take it off so it gives less of that 'ghetto' mentality.

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If you're not going to wear them much then why do you care? Do you need 10 people from hypebeast telling you what a good glasses frame is? You're going to trust the judgement of some random internet guys that will buy a particular t-shirt for $50 just because it's a certain brand rather than yourself and like the people that work at the store or someone you're buying your glasses with? I dropped like $30/$40 on my pair It's a simple black plastic framed one. If you're not gonna wear your glasses that much then don't bother dropping so much money on a pair or just get a smart looking metal framed one since the whole plastic frame thing is starting to be played out.

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Why is Santa Claus so jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls are. What do you call 2 Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan.

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