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these are the easiest to hit, just plant a little seed of doubt in there heads, but they are also the ones who will cheat on you with the quickness

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http://www.etsy.com/ have a look there for one of a kind type stuff, but sometimes they got some wack shit ^^^^^^^ i was gonna say the same thing too, lol then decided to add a real response, but yea if all else fails

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Sellmestuff has some good ideas. First you should workout go here http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/ Read everything this dude has to say: http://www.askmen.com/search/?sitesearch=askmen.com&x=0&y=0&q=david+deangelo Read these commandments and his blog is pretty good too. http://roissy.wordpress.com/the-sixteen-commandments-of-poon/ Its all about being better and growing as a person. Start working out and reading those links and in about a year you'll be the fuckin man.

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peep game youngin... http://roissy.wordpress.com/the-sixteen-commandments-of-poon/ you fucked up 1 and 3 off the bat. never use cutesy names with girls at least not at first and not consistently. now your only choice is to completely change the way you interact with her, do the opposite of whatever you were doing. Don't text back immediately keep it fun and light and don't talk about anything to serious. you want to move further away from the friend zone. I don't know what your goal is but start making sexual comments like "damn your ass looks nice and fat" I love this becuase girls start thinking "well thanks, I guess?", it could be interpreted as a backhanded comment of sorts. but you can't make it seem like this is bothering you, in fact you want to make it seem like you don't give a shit.

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[Quote] well they've been on that notch for about two years then. ha this is old probably can't find anymore

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[Quote] qft, when I went it was wack. I guess its the luck of the draw of the people on board, no chicks when I went, it was all jailbait and older couples. Definitely do the alchohol in water bottles trick, that worked for me. Use the safe in the room for your valuables, I thought our maid was cool but he jacked me for like 20 bucks when I complained that he took my towel that you weren't suppose to lose. Bring like a portable dvd and some dvds or cards cause they don't have many channels on tv and it gets boring after a while. Have fun though if you've never been its definitely a cool experience at least once.

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[Quote] yeah but this change of consciousness in the people is good. now people are actually thinking of alternative fuels and not just the old stuff(coal, natural gas, oil) but emission free alternatives like wind power, solar, water power. that is the stuff we need to encourage if anyone wants to leave the earth better for centuries to come.

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hmm i see what your saying but im sure somehow they got this figured out. they're pros they knew how to do it so you get screwed im sure. plus if your paypal is connected to your bank account couldn't paypal take the money from there? i don't know

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man you should have been trying to get some camera time, could have been stylin on em.

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[Quote] ah ok I took she graduated wrong, *school just ended* duh.

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I haven't seen the episode but she doesn't even go to the school? thats the biggest crock if thats true what the hell?

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[Quote] If it weren't for a mercenary army and contractors we would have draft cards. thats why this war is so expensive the gov knows they can't draft over some bullshit so the pay out of pocket much to the delight ex president of halliburton dick cheney who still has stock options in the biggest sub contracting firm and they also had a subsidiary KBR that dealt with energy(oil) and blackwater is a private security company with no laws pertaining to them in iraq, they could kill anyone they want with no repercussions not even u.s law.

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[Quote] so you're saying this doesn't happen with any other candidate? every other candidates voters and supporters know where they stand 100%? why does this just happen with obama? white guilt? blacks cool now? he can ball? hes pretty? His bullet point views are pretty easy, no war in iraq, communication with other countries, better energy plan, pretty in line with democrats views. you know most people are either democrat or republican so its not really too many wagons to choose from. but whatever I just hate this argument.

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[Quote] http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ here you go its a lot of info though so if you really care you can find out yourself. sorry no news soundbites for you.

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