[Quote] lol dude tried to kill himself like twice

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I think cause its the most accessible to create. With ableton live you can sample and stretch and loop. Then throw some verse on top of that and you're done. Everyone has computers now and you don't need expensive audio interfaces and tons of instruments. More traditional types of music utilizing more music theory and mics and multi channel audio interfaces.

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you know there is already a clothing line called rth. handmade stuff made in la at their store on la cienega

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Dude was a snake. After six months of his excuses I forced him to let me have two pairs for cost. Dont fell bad. I've got an email address thats linked to some active forum accounts and his tumblr if anyone really wants to hit the guy up.

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ableton plus you tube will get you pretty far. I've never messed with FL but i hear that its the easiest but PC only. you really don't need any external devices right away either just ableton and patience

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Asians aren't anything special in Tucson. Tucson is a weird place. What part are you living in and where are you going to school?

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Elimination of the BCS

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can someone pm me a link

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Its so you're car is more visible to other drivers. Obviously you dont need the "extra" light to see the road. Its been proven to reduce accidents. smh

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Check out the bars around 16th and Valencia. Double dutch can be fun, its definitely a hipster crowd but its enjoyable. Same goes for Dolores park on the weekend during the day. Farmer Browns Little Skillet across from AT&T park has some great chicken and waffles. Grab some then walk to the park or bay and just chill and eat. The Marriott on 4th and Market has a bar on the top of it that looks out over the city. Cool place to grab drinks in the evening when the fog starts rolling in. Not really a fun bar and kinda pricey but legit views of the city. The House of Prime Rib is good. Tommys Joynt on Van Ness has some decent late night eats. If you're there on the weekend grab brunch at Lime on Market. The place blows up with everyone getting drunk at 11am.

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Gold Bond Extra Strength...it's like a cool breeze in your shorts all day.

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