I study because religion is one of the only things where you can keep on studying and learn more every time. Its interesting. Its the basis of life. People can live without religion and I would just like to know why. Am I religious? Hell no. I hate religion. I just find it interesting. Doesnt say allah is a pussy, looks like it though it really says "stallings is a pussy"

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Im over here because the US government said I HAVE to come back. I have no choice. Which sucks because I would of come here again if I had to. I was in College majoring in Religious Philosophy. I had a ton of buddys who joined the military after high school, a ton of them died. I just kind of decided to hold off on finish the rest of college and join the military and do my part.

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One tour. Im on number three right now. It just gets old thats all I can say. When you have spent 5 out of the past 7 years in iraq. Miss your wife, daughter who doesnt know her dad other than a face on a computer screen because im here. It starts to suck and yes the word hate does fit in. And about the religion comment, I dont like any religion. I am against all of them. So that should fit into something there. Who really cares though. The fact is im getting shot at, blown up, all the fucking time and this has pretty much been my life for the past 5 out of 7 years of my life. It sucks thats all i can say. Politics dont mean shit to me. The fact that I got to deal with it is enough. It takes a toll on you mentally. Then when you cant live a normal life because of what has happened, you tend to hate. Ill never have a normal life ever again without meds and therapy.

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Well nobody here (us wise) gives two shits about politics. We have each other to worry about. Why I joined? Because 7 of my good friends that I went to high school with died in iraq in the marines. Its my turn to do my part. A BreYthing Ape are you here? Have you been here? So what the fuck do you know other than what the media says? Media is wrong about the war. The soldiers view is the correct view. They are the boots on the ground. Its also called a little thing of respect. To the little girl casarana. If you join the military expecting to get shot, then something is wrong. I bet your the same kind of person who thinks Travis Barkers crash is the most important thing going on in the world right? Go mtv eh? If you had some kind of knowledge on this war then you would know if it was an invasion, why does the US have a contract with the iraq government to be here? Make sense? Well not to a 15 year old. To all who think that its wrong of me to say that I hate all iraqis. You are living at home, with your familys, drinking beer, eating at least one meal a day, sleeping in a bed. You get the simple pleasures of life. In reality I dont have any of that. Then when you get shot at, blown up, you tend to hate. You have no life other than combat. Its a mental thing that nobody can understand unless they are in our shoes. So if your views are from the media, your wrong.

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To us after getting blown up. After seeing your buddys die. I hate them all. I hate this whole country. I could care less about them all really. If you ran some time in my shoes, you would feel the same.

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[Quote] I sent you a private message man. I had alot to say.

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[Quote] Well when you get shot at and blown up all the time hate is a strong word

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Hell yea im a big Emperor fan. yea huh. That one isnt mine. Mine was all taken apart when they took the picture so I grabbed that one because it was close. I carry an m14

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These pictures are nothing special. No clear quality camera pictures. Its the meaning behind the pictures. I dont have my good camera here so I cant take great pictures, but I have a camera and I can at least take some kind of pictures. Here they are. Love of the cav in the military. Me and my boys. [Image]

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When I lived there, there was nothing out there. Maybe two schools and a couple groups of homes. Now when I go and visit I get sick.

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Show is sooo freaking awesome. I laughed my ass off.

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[Quote] Best god damn show ever. Watching a bootleg copy of Tropic Thunder. Its fucking hilarious. Robert Downey Jr is the man.

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My ipod. I dont have much out here in Iraq.

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I am a US Army Calvary Sniper. Deployed to Iraq right now.

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They are all hot. I feel dirty though because we all know 95% of them are all like 15

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