aYo mikey_gunz Remain trill

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OP Must not have an IP.

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs. The Legend.

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TRILL seller. Good communication and quick as shiiiiit. smokeyface Remain trill. [URL]

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Chokeboys do it again. Also a thank you to Philly for sucking so bad. [URL] Skins > NFC East Remain trill.

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[Quote] Trill as it gets. Remain trill.

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[Quote] If you pre-ordered BF3 at Orgin for the PC you'll get in Sept. 27th If you pre-ordered the Medal of Honor for consoles you will also get in "early" Sept. 27th. I feel sorry for anyone who did this for BF3 beta access haha. Everyone (PS3, 360, PC) gets in Sept. 29th. It'll show up on the PS Store/Xbox Store. [URL]

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[Quote] smokeyface PSN: Cheese_Wagstaff Get at me. Remain trill.

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aYo, Because of this post OP, I will be eating nothing but meat and will breed 15-20 carnivores in the next 5 years. Therefore, you should be aware that you are significantly contributing to the end of the world. May God bless your burdened soul. Remain untrill. Edit: Just saw you didn't write it. You are forgiven. Remain trill.

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OP. You got the case of the bubblies. Nah, you just need to supplement Vitamin D. 87% or so of the population is deficient, especially the darker skinned population and taking a supplement is the safest way. Remain trill.

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[QUOTE=Juki;3176164]Aren't they supposed to have all the best fashion and exclusive boutiques/shops? I've been to that "Chatelet les Halles" area where everyone been telling me go and also champs-

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First, ask how many guys have been tested for STD's. It will immediately eliminate the attention of half of the class (guys) because they'll be busy reliving the painful experience. From there on, you are talking to a bunch of women about sex. What more could you ask for? Remain trill.

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Any decently prepared boxer would know that Floyd doesn't like to touch gloves after breaks. Mosley could have told Ortiz that. Victor Ortiz kangaroo jumped and head butted Floyd. That right there could have KO'd Floyd. Rookie mistake #1. Anyone who is crying obviously doesn't understand boxing. Whether you are a Mayweather fan or not, he was putting in work and the fight would have been any easy decision had it gone all the way. But everyone knows Ortiz's conditioning is some trash. You saw him begging his trainer for days off 6 days before the fight - Rookie mistake #2. Ref signal'd for continuation and the shit is history - Rookie mistake #3. Ortiz knew he messed up and that's why he shook flloyd's hand after. He's going to walk away with his 2 milly and be glad Money even gave him a title shot. Not being ready after the break is like a pitcher accidentally throwing a pitch down the middle of the plate when attempting to intentionally walk a batter. What? The batter is not supposed to take advantage of that and swing? Fuck outta here. This is professional boxing.

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[Quote] Ayo, How you going to wash your dick and ass before your face son? That aint trill.

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aYo, You still got your Benzino tat on your other arm? Remain trill.

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