[Image] Anyone know what products to use to get my hair to curl like this? I got the same natural texture as dude, tryin to get this style tho. Good look to anyone who can tell me.

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Who cares about what the nigga wears. He's wack as fuck.

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[Quote]c/s this

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The good, the bad, & the ugly Gravity (just for the effects, not necessarily for the plot) LOTR trilogy Traffic (such a fucking good movie, watch it if you haven't) Eyes Wide Shut (do background research on the film before watching it...it'll make a lot more sense and you'll appreciate it more)

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Depends on how I'm feelin. Sometimes I'm in the zone for a small chick with a nice, small ass to put the thang on [Image] any ass bigger than that is too much bruh there's potential to drown in that shit haha

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Not spitting any stereotypical shit..I'm just basing this on my life experiences. For the most part, most women (70/80%) I've met lack in the personality department...at least to my tastes. Some of them try to develop a well-rounded personality/set of interests after meeting me and in order for me to like them...but the ones who do are so transparent and make it so obvious that they're just doing it for me that it just validates how narrow their personalities/interests are. I'm not saying a chick has to be a fucking nobel prize winner....just have some REAL hobbies (besides going out, shopping, going to the beach, other generic female shit) and REAL interests (art, music, film, writing, interior design, cooking, anything really) that you're passionate about. Most women in that 18-22 age range don't have that, and if you don't have that it's unattractive to me. I can't list all of the times I've had to have struggle convos with chicks just to get with them, where I wanted to blow my brains out. I'm all about having fun and clowning around but sometimes I want to talk about some real shit..the world, life, religion, politics, philosophy...and trying to do that with most chicks is a death sentence...just from my experiences. The majority don't have anything half-way insightful to contribute.  I'm not shitting on all women though, because all women aren't the same. I've met women who have had awesome personalities and were into cool stuff..but it's like trying to win a scratch off ticket with finding them and being attracted to them. I'm 22 now about to graduate, at this stage of my life I've have enough time dealing w/ airhead college chicks just to smash...I value personality a lot more than I used to. After dealing with dumb chicks for 4 years straight it makes you realize that there's more to it than a fat ass and a nice face.

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Thank god 4 this thread. Would smash every chick posted. Long live curly haired girls. smokeyface

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[Quote]If you had an elementary school level of reading comprehension you'd have read that I never asked how 2 get bitches or where to meet chicks. I asked what the women over there were like... n seeing as tho I've never been to Spain that's a fuckin reasonable question to ask.  Nice try with that weak ass ether tho....keep working on it, practice makes perfect fuck nigga.

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Just reread through this whole thread...god damn yall niggas try so hard to be funny and fail miserably.  Shoutout again 2 whoisthisnigga....only poster who's been helpful so far.

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[Quote]LMAO you cornball ass internet niggas will call anything thirst nowadays. Me wanting to go to Spain and fuck a Spanish chick doesn't make me thirsty...it makes me a heterosexual male.  @blacksamurai wtf u talkin about? dark n lightskinned? What? I'm not dark or lightskinned...I got that nice milk chocolate complexion no homo. I know u get no bitches bruh u post on HB regularly.

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[Quote]keepin it real my nigga, ppl always asking me where I'm from and what I'm mixed with. I'm just a nigga with unique genetics.

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[Quote]I'm from GA bruh...I'm used to dealing with these racist ass southern cacs who aren't subtle like you say. If someone runs up on me with some ignorant racist shit, we'll handle it like men. I'm not gonna let a few racist cacs stop me from enjoying the world.

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