[URL] www.JustinEye.com .... thoughts?

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Hey guys, I'm Justin Ignacio I grew up listening to a lot of alternative, indie, hardcore, all those sub-genres and matured to to write music for the average soul. I'm currently working on a full length album in the best studio in Michigan/the midwest where countless of grammy award winning songs were made and legends step foot in. A preview of my upcoming song can be found here: [Embed content] [URL] @justinignacio - twitter @justinignaciomusic -instagram thanks!

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Upcoming brand based in Detroit, MI specializing in custom cut & sewn T shirts, everything is 1 of 1. www.superkreep.com Here is the latest work: [Image] Price tag $79.99

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[Quote] hoooemygod these are about 1000 degrees..

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this is my friend's website he's pretty legit and cool check out his stuff [B]justinignacio.com[/B]

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